Sea fishing by boat

Sea fishing from a boat is often the stuff of dreams for beginners and experienced anglers alike. But to get the most out of this type of sea fishing, it's important to be well equipped and to master the techniques that work best in these conditions. Leurre de la Pêche has everything you need for successful sea fishing.


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The main accessories for sea fishing from a boat

When it comes to equipment, sea fishing from a boat is different from freshwater fishing. First of all, you need a rod boat fishing tackle. Brands such as Daiwa, Westin, Sakura, Tenryu and Illex are preferable... The choice of power and weight of the rod depends on the type of fish targeted. The models available in the Leurre de la Pêche catalogue range from 0.4 gr to 250 gr for the most powerful.

As well as the rod, you'll also need a boat fishing reel and boat fishing lures. Lures come in a multitude of shapes, weights and sizes depending on the species of predator they are used to attract. The best-known brands are Westin, Smith, Delalande, Deps..

Rigging accessories for boat fishing

The mounting accessories you need for sea fishing from a boat are :

  • A line or a braid to connect the bait to the rod and the reel
  • A hook
  • A jig head
  • A leader
  • A swivel and staples

For a sea trip, it's always a good idea to bring several units of these boat fishing accessories. These can be stored in a dedicated box or in a waterproof bag specially designed to withstand extreme water conditions. You'll find these items in the Leurre de la Pêche catalogue.

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