The Delalande Peche brand is probably one of the best known in France when it comes to soft lures. This is to some extent to be expected, as this SARL (société anonyme à responsabilité limitée) has been based in Ballan Miré, rue Yves Chauvin, in the Indre et Loire region for decades. The company is renowned for its expertise in the design and manufacture of soft lures. Production takes place in Ukraine, a country bordering Russia.

Flagship models such as the Sandra, a tribute to Sandrine Weisse, and more recently the Sculpin, have been created and sold all over the world, sometimes with huge success. The range, which was initially small, has been increasingly developed by the family, who have taken over the business from generation to generation. You'll find weights and the brand's signature hooks, as well as a wide range of accessories.

All anglers should find a lure shape and size to suit them. Whether you're fishing for trout in rivers or for pike, you'll regularly have a choice of sizes to help you adapt, like on the skeleton for example.

As you can see, choosing Delalande fishing tackle means choosing quality and French design.

How do you choose your lure?

As with any manufacturer, the range of lures offered by Delalande Pêche is so wide that you need advice to make the right choice. There are several aspects to consider when making your initial selection.

The length of the lure is one of the first aspects to take into account. There are some general rules to follow. The smallest lures, from 2 to 6cm, such as sculpins, are perfect for small predators. You can also fish for perch and chub.

The upper range, from 6 to 10/12cm, is more versatile. You'll be able to hook a variety of species on a regular basis, including pike-perch.

From 12 to 20cm, you'll be targeting larger predators. You'll be targeting bass, minnows and even pike. Finally, for soft lures larger than 20cm, catfish will be the main fish of interest.

Where you fish should also be taken into account. Even if we know that lures can be relatively versatile, there are still some points to watch out for. Delalande Peche offers entire ranges designed for sea fishing and others for freshwater fishing. You can always mix and match, but this will be less effective.

The profile of the lure will help you to develop a particular technique. If you want to use a very large 20cm lure, you need to be aware that it will be difficult to fish gently. If you want to fish vertically, you'll have to opt for a jerkminnow or a lure that vibrates easily.

The budget and presentation may also be of interest. Delalande More and more often, Peche offers packaging that allows us to offer lures individually.

This means you can vary the colours without having to buy several pouches. Finally, some versions are already weightready to use. The lure will then be fitted with a jig head or a Texan hook. All that's left to do is rig it on your line and make your first casts.

The main families of soft lures Delalande

As a manufacturer, Delalande Peche has no particular limits when it comes to design. The brand has therefore developed models in all the lure series, with almost no exceptions.

First of all, there's the large family of shads. The popular success of this type of lure among anglers has led to its development. We'll find tried and tested values like the skeleton, which will be available in several sizes. All types of carnivorous fish, both sea and freshwater, will be catered for.

The finesse shapes or jerkminnow are not to be outdone. You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to jerking at sea, on a jig head dart or for vertical fishing. You can target pike-perch, bass, bream and many other species depending on the length and colour you choose.

Grub or comma are also available. The sandra is one of the brand's flagship lures. This lure is renowned for its versatility and can even be used in French Polynesia for longer lengths.

Small lures for finesse baiting or ultra-light fishing have also grown in popularity in recent years. They come in all shapes and sizes, but vibrate at the slightest touch. Trout, perch and black bass are the fish targeted by these new techniques.

The same concept applies to streetfishing techniques, with down-sizing lures flying over structures or weedbeds in canals and rivers.

Critters and crayfish are not left out of the Delalande Peche range. The Crazy Craw and Scarabait are just two examples. The search for black fish is directly targeted by these technical lures.

Finally, the lure boxes are a really good idea. The brand offers complete kits, including lures and weightheads. They come in several names, depending on the technique or species you're targeting. It's a great value for money, and means you've got an interesting variety to try out or get to grips with a particular technique.

As well as the soft lures offered by the brand, you'll find accessories and a range of jigs on the product pages Delalande. You can rely on the brand's know-how to come up with a series of clever weightheads or the little weights innovations they're so good at.

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