Big game fishing

In this coarse fishing environment, you'll find all the equipment you need for your most extreme pursuits. This is sport fishing par excellence, and you'll be able to track down some famous species of fish.

Swordfish, swordfish, shark and roosterfish are just some of the fish that many anglers dream of catching in exotic destinations. From a boat in our waters, you can turn to barracuda, bonito or tuna.

To do this, you'll need quality sea fishing equipment. It needs to be up to the job and do the job properly. Its main qualities will be to be resistant to the salty environment and capable of withstanding the pressure of very large fish.

You'll need to think about every aspect of your fishing. From the fishing equipment, including reel, rod and other accessories, to everything that goes on around it. You'll need to think about clothing to protect you from the sun, hydration and how to catch fish.

You'll need to rely on combos of several facilities to cover all the species and techniques you wish to employ. Whether you're trolling or luring, you'll need to make every effort to ensure quality and reliability.

You'll then be ready to sail to the four corners of the world, touring islands each more exceptional than the last, and why not accompany your return on board with the company of a few dolphins.

Solid rods adapted to your technique

Big-game fishing involves many different techniques. So you'll need to choose your coarse fishing rod according to the type of fishing you do, your destination and the size of the fish you're after.

Your fishing technique will weight you to choose rods for grazing, for casting to bring back lures or for trolling. You'll then need to choose the power levels that match your expectations.

Another important aspect is the size of the rod. While this can vary considerably for fishing in mainland France, it is particularly important when you're heading off to distant destinations.

For the sake of practicality or simply to save money, you can opt for models with 3 or 4 sections, or even more. This will allow you to fit the whole reel in your suitcase and avoid paying extra at the airport.

Large reel capacities and powerful brakes

If there are 2 things that characterise a reel for big game fishing, it's its line capacity and the power of its drag. Depending on these factors, you'll be able to choose between different types of fish.

To catch swordfish or swordfish, for example, you'll need quantities of braid that can sometimes exceed a kilometre. These king fish of sport fishing are very demanding and require you to be properly equipped to deal with them.

The drag will also need to have a fairly wide range and above all be powerful. It needs to be able to brake and even stop with authority any fish that swim off too quickly.

Finally, the last essential aspect is the quality of its protection against salt and sea water in general. Often exposed for hours on end to weather conditions that can be nasty, it will need to be able to wait for the rinse at the end of the day without corroding.

Ready-to-fish sets or combos

The various brands have developed equipment that is increasingly easy to handle, thanks in particular to the combination of rod and reel in the same purchase. Big game fishing sets give you the assurance of making the right choice and combining these two products.

You'll find sets designed for trolling. An indication of power will be given. To give you an idea, you can fish with 10-20lb for fairly light fishing. You can go up to figures in excess of 100lb for the most demanding fishing, such as very large tuna.

You can also choose a spinning combo for casting. They'll be more dynamic. This technique is not exclusively practised from a boat and gives you versatility for a wide range of destinations.

Lures for big game fishing

As with freshwater fishing, the world of lures also offers a wide choice for big-game fishing. Depending on the fish and the techniques you choose, you'll find models that may or may not meet your expectations.

Lures for big game fishing are just as popular with anglers for stalking the biggest fish, whether from the shore or from a boat. Economical, they'll give you the best chance of attracting marine predators.

Better known at sea, hard bait are a safe bet thanks to their action but above all their resistance. Fish such as barracuda or even sharks can easily damage lures that are not very strong.

Specific models exist for trolling. They will catch bonito like sea bass, but also much more powerful exotic fish.

Rigging accessories

As with all your tackle, you'll need big game fishing tackle that's ready to cope. Lines, leaders, swivels and sleeves all need to be up to the job.

Solid and corrosion-resistant at the same time, they will have to be effective in an environment that is clearly hostile to their lifespan. As an angler, you'll need to be able to combine the finesse that gives you more bite with the strength you need to get the job done.

Depending on the technique, the materials used will differ, from steel cable for stalking fish such as sharks, to very large diameter shock leaders to withstand the departure of a carangue ignobilis.

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