Equipment for predator fishing

Fishing for predators means investing in the right tackle for each species you're after. While you're waiting for the season to open, you'll need to choose the right equipment to make sure you're capable of practising a wide range of fishing techniques.

To do this properly, you'll need a rod and reel for predators. Once you have this equipment, you can turn to the choice of accessories. Pike fishing, for example, may require a float tube or special pliers.

To comply with the rules of the fishing federation, you will need to respect a few rules when fishing for predators. It is often necessary to contact your local association for fishing and the protection of the aquatic environment to obtain a fishing licence.

You'll be able to find out about the various environmental protection measures and theopening dates for fishing , and why not check for the presence of pike populations. It could also give you the opportunity to do your bit for the protection of the aquatic environment.

Once you've completed these steps, a few weeks after you've started trout fishing, you'll be ready to startpike fishing. Equipped with an Abu Garcia casting rod and a daiwa exceler reel, you'll be ready for your first bites.

A wide range of fishing rods

Fishing for predatory fish has probably been the most popular sport in recent years. That's why manufacturers have vied with each other in their imagination to provide you with increasingly powerful and lightweight predator fishing rods.

You'll find spinning rods for every purpose. From sea to freshwater, from trout fishing to shark stalking, there's a model to suit your most demanding and innovative techniques.

Casting rods will not be outdone by such a wide choice. More modern and more popular with young anglers in recent years, these models allow you to fish for predators with one-handed casts and, above all, a particular ease of movement with large lures. Black bass, pike but also pike-perch and why not sea bass will be the species targeted in particular.

Casting reel or spinning reel for predator fishing

Once you've chosen your rod, you'll need to choose a casting reel for predators. Pike fishing and tuna fishing do not have the same requirements and should be chosen carefully and thoughtfully.

Spinning reels will excel in many areas of predator fishing. They can be used to cast and animate small lures but also to propel large lures for marine fish such as tuna.

They have the ability to be at ease in these casting phases. It will also be easier to handle for many anglers.

The choice of predator casting reels is different. Even if there is a certain modernity to using them, they prove to be particularly practical in certain very specific situations.

An Abu Garcia casting reel is ideal for vertical fishing techniques. These reel profiles can also be used for big lure fishing with ease or for jigging and slow jigging.

Fishing combos: rod + reel set

To make your choice easier, we offer a range of sets for predator fishing. These comprise both rod and reel. They are designed to go perfectly together and meet a particular need. Some brands, such as Daiwa, also offer sets with integrated braid.

As with the reel and rod categories, you can count on both spinning and casting sets. These will depend directly on the technique you want to use and the lures you want to cast.

You'll find light combos designed for trout or perch. These often feature fairly short rods with casting powers of no more than 10-14g.

Intermediate models exist for pike-perch, pike or even large perch. These are known as MH or H rods. These are certainly the most versatile, capable of covering a wide range of techniques and lures.

Finally, there are the heavier combos for predators such as catfish or very large pike. They will be called XH or XXH, with casting capacities that can exceed 200g for some.

Lures by the thousands

This is certainly the category where you'll have the widest choice. Both edible and collectable, lures for predator fish are the subject of numerous developments every year, sometimes splendid, sometimes subtle, sometimes bizarre?

Hard bait, or Rapala for the older among us, are imitations of fish that can be made to swim thanks to their shape and their lip. Their weight combined with their action ensures a fairly stable swimming depth and a swimming action that will reproduce itself on each return trip.

Soft lures are not to be outdone. Even easier to produce, thousands of them are created every year. Actions, shapes and attractants .... Everything is done to offer you new things to try and awaken pike populations.

Many other lure shapes exist. They will try to cover even more different uses to adapt to your situation.

Leaders and rigs

Once you've considered all the elements of your fishing tackle and are ready to make your first opening for pike, the first thing to think about is your rigs and leaders for predators. There are several to choose from, and once again your choice should be based on the fish you're after.

Steel is the easiest choice for fish like pike. Its razor-sharp teeth will leave little chance for other materials.

Fluorocarbon can be used for species with less assertive teeth. Pike-perch, perch and sea bass are the main target species. Larger diameters can also be used for pike and catfish.

Finally, braid, which is rarely used, can be an alternative for reducing the diameter when fishing for pike-perch.

All that's left to do is get in touch with your fishing federation or AAPPMA (approved association for fishing and the protection of the aquatic environment) to get your fishing licence and make the brake on your daiwa Exceler reel sing.

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