Predator rig

Any good soft bait is nothing without a good rig. When fishing for predators, you need to choose the right lures to get the best results. Colour is a fundamental parameter to take into account. Your rig is just as important.

A good lure will undoubtedly be attacked by predators, but if your rig is not good, it may not bite. Frustrating, isn't it? A good rig is the right size and weight for the spot you want to fish.


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Weight VMC Cheboo Ned

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Ready-made montages

For those who prefer simplicity, there are ready-made rigs. Very well made by the brands, they are often designed for a single type of lure. Some offer the option of changing the weight to adapt your lure to the layer of water you want to fish.

It is also sometimes necessary to use leaders. Whether for discretion or to resist the teeth of pike, there are ready-made and ready-to-use fluorocarbon or steel leaders.

Essential accessories

For those of you who can't find mounts for your lures, there's still the option of doing it yourself. You'll find all the accessories you need in various sections of our website:

That way, you'll know all the tricks of the trade. What's more, doing it yourself is often cheaper. It's an investment of time rather than money. A little elbow grease and you can turn your most carefully thought-out ideas into reality.

To handle these accessories, you'll need a pair of pliers. A pair of sleeve pliers and a pair of pliers for splits rings will be a great help.

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