Jigging is a sea fishing technique that involves the use of metal jigs. Jigs are widely used at sea to catch a wide range of fish species. Also known as a jigging lure, a metal jig is a hard lure that imitates a fish in difficulty. This fishing technique requires suitable rods and reels. At sea, jigging is used to catch pollack, sea bass, mackerel, horse mackerel, cod and many other species.


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Jigging, highly effective lures at sea

Jigging lures are extremely easy to use and highly effective. That's why they 're so popular with experienced anglers and beginners alike. A wide range of species can be fished with jigging lures.

These dense, sinking lures can be fished at different depths. Metal jigs weigh between 5g and 300g. They can therefore be used anywhere.

They usually imitate a small fish and come in sardine, mackerel or fluorescent colours.

Slow jigging is a variant of jigging. As the name suggests, it's a slow method of fishing over the bottom, similar to waddling.

Rods and reels for jigging

When using jigs, you need the right equipment. As jig fishing is most often carried out close to boats, short rod jigging rods are required.

Jigs are also fitted with treblehooks, single hooks orassits hooks. Depending on how your metal jigs are rigged, you'll need to opt for a more or less flexible rod to avoid unhooking your catch as much as possible. If you're using treble hooks, it's important to choose a rod that will be able to absorb the fish's headbutts.

More often than not, jigging casting rods and reels are used, which are more comfortable when fishing over a boat. Casting sets also allow you to keep a good reserve of power to restrain fish.

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