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The world of sea fishing is constantly evolving, and every year new techniques are introduced in France from far-off lands to enhance the experience of both amateurs and professionals. Tenya fishing is one such innovation that has recently gained popularity in France.

This technique, which originated in Japan, offers an excellent way of catching different species of fish thanks to its unique characteristics. Discover this fascinating fishing method and how to use it to maximise your chances of success with our wide range of products.


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What is Tenya fishing?

Tenya fishing is a modern technique that combines the use of a specific jig head called a Tenya, usually designed in the shape of a shrimp or small fish, and a natural bait such as a prawn.

The idea behind this system is to reproduce the behaviour of prey as closely as possible to attract predatory fish. The Tenya rig provides a very realistic and attractive presentation to the fish, considerably increasing the chances of a catch.

The components of the Tenya rig :

  • The jig head Tenya: This element is what sets this technique apart from other fishing methods. Its special shape and meticulous finish make it a perfect imitation of a shrimp or small fish, making the rig very attractive to predatory fish.
  • The bait: Although some weightheads can be used on their own, the addition of a natural bait such as a prawn will increase the effectiveness of the rig tenfold. The bait adds an extra taste and smell that are irresistible to the fish.
  • The assist-hook: This is a hook connected to the jig head by a piece of line. The assist-hook improves the success rate of hooking by providing a better grip when catching fish.

How do I use Tenya fishing?

To get the most out of this technique, it's essential to master a few key aspects. Here are a few tips to maximise your chances of success with Tenya fishing:

Choose the right equipment

As with any fishing technique, having the right equipment is essential. For this type of fishing, you'll need a rod tenya that's short and sensitive enough to detect the fish's discreet bites. A reel suited to your type of line (braid or nylon) is also important.

Finally, don't forget to choose tenya lures and accessories such as quality weightheads designed specifically for tenya fishing, as well as fresh, attractive bait.

Adapt your technique to suit the conditions

Tenya fishing can be practised in a variety of conditions: in fresh or salt water, from shore or from a boat, and on different types of bottom. So it's important to adapt your approach to suit the context. You can also use a fish finder boat to spot predators more easily.

For example, if you're fishing in deep water or with a strong current, don't hesitate to use a heavier jig head to maintain good contact with the bottom.

How to animate the rig correctly

The animation of the Tenya rig is essential to trigger the attack of predatory fish. The aim is to reproduce the natural behaviour of a prey fish as closely as possiblebraid.

To do this, use slow, jerky movements, taking care to let the jig head fall back to the bottom after each shot.

Feel free to vary the pace and amplitude to find what works best for the conditions and the species of fish you are targeting.

The advantages of Tenya fishing

Tenya fishing has a number of advantages that will appeal to anglers looking for something new and effective:

  • A versatile technique: Tenya fishing can be used to target a wide range of fish species, both in freshwater and at sea. It is also suitable for different types of environment and conditions, making it a highly versatile method.
  • A realistic and attractive presentation: Thanks to the combination of the jig head Tenya and a natural bait, this technique offers a highly credible presentation in the eyes of predatory fish. This means the rig is more likely to trigger an attack from the fish, increasing the chances of a catch.
  • A high success rate: Tenya fishing is renowned for its formidable efficiency. By mastering the various stages of rig set-up and animation, you'll maximise your chances of success on your fishing trips.

In short, Tenya fishing is an innovative and exciting technique that deserves to be tried by fishing enthusiasts in search of new experiences. With a little practice and by following the advice shared in this article, you'll be able to get the most out of this method and considerably increase your catch. So don't hesitate any longer, and give Tenya fishing a try on your next outing!

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