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The fishing tackle brand Savage Gear originates from Northern Europe. It is aimed at all freshwater predator anglers. Certain lures such as the 3d Suicide duck or the savage gear 3d roach are among the references that all predator anglers are familiar with.

However, the designer and manufacturer has turned to different horizons. Initially specialising in pike with the famous Savagear 4D rattle trout, he gradually began to think about perch and pike-perch fishing, as well as products for sea fishing. This is how the savage gear tpe mayfly nymph was born.

The range of soft lures is particularly interesting. Some of the larger models are unmistakable. These include the Savage Gear Rattle trout and the savage Gear Lin Thru Trout. Many of the anglers who have tried them have caught very large pike on them.

If you're interested in hard bait, you won't want to miss the Savage Gear 4play swim. Like other models in the range, it too will be extremely effective. The different sizes on offer will be varied enough to target different species.

Savage Gearbut it's not just lures. You'll also find some great box systems like the Savage Gear System Box Bag. The range also includes rods, float tubes, reels and accessories to help you catch more fish.

How to choose the right lure Savage Gear?

The range of lures is so wide that you need to know a few things about the terms used by the brand. In fact, certain names correspond to particular techniques or processes.

The brand is keen to reproduce lures that imitate the real thing perfectly. They will therefore often use names in English that reflect the species of fish. The savage Gear Roach Jerkster, for example, is designed to resemble a roach, while the Savage Gear Line Thru perch imitates a perch.

The 3D and 4D concept is also exclusive to the brand. It consists of taking advantage of a complete scan of a real fish to create a 3D mould and add the various elements required for a lure. This is how the Savage Gear 4D Rattle series and the Savage Gear 3D lb Roach Jerkster came into being.

After that, as with any choice of lure, you need to take into account the different swimming parameters and sizes of the models on offer. Both a Savage Gear suicide duck and a Savage Gear 3D Rad will come in several lengths to offer different sizes of prey for pike. On the other hand, the 3D tpe mayfly nymph cilbera will target several species of fish but is only available in one size.

Finally, you need to look at the density of the lure, which can vary. Many models of soft lures or hard bait are available in different swimming actions. For example, a s. gear Line thru trout will come in 2 different densities of rubber, so you'll be able to vary the way you tackle the spots.

The different soft lures

A wide range of soft lures Savage Gear has been developed over the last few years. It began with pike lures and has gradually expanded to include products for all fishing styles and techniques.

For pike, there's a huge choice. It's the brand's know-how and origin. Their expertise is formidable.

Some models are unmissable and should be part of your lure boxes. Here's a list of the main models you won't want to miss:

  • Savage Gear Rattle Trout
  • Savage Gear 3D Rad
  • Savage Gear 3D Roach
  • Savage Gear Line Thru Perch

Smaller models have also been developed for other freshwater predators. These include perch and zander. You'll be able to rely on some of the smaller versions to give you more options on these species.

But the brand has also turned its soft bait design towards sea, trout and river fishing. The result is a wide range of very interesting lures. The 3d tpe mayfly nymph will be a great partner for salmonids.

To complete an already excellent selection, we recommend you try the Savage Gear 3d lb, S. Gear 3d lb roach, Savage Gear 4d rattle

Hard bait for all styles

In the same way as soft lures, entire series of Savage Gear swimbaits have been developed. These different models cover a wide range of fishing techniques and species.

You'll find jerkminnow for marine use and pike fishing. Thanks to these mass transfer systems, you'll benefit from products that throw a long way.

Poppers are also available for surface fishing. For perch and black bass in freshwater, and for more powerful fish at sea such as sea bass and barracuda.

Surface lures such as the 3d Suicide duck will also meet the expectations of some of us.

And jerkbaits are not left out either, with the Savage Gear Roach Jerkster. You'll be able to take advantage of the know-how of Northern Europe to find fish like pike or even perch with the small size.

Finally, and probably one of the best-known categories, are the swimbaits. The brand has made them its trademark, offering a vast choice of models, each as successful as the next. They have a very natural action and swim easily in a simple linear retrieve. The Savage Gear 4play swim will be one of those you absolutely must have in your box.

As you can see, this brand has everything in its range to make your fishing experience a success. Rods, accessories, float tubes and, of course, lures. With such a huge choice, you'll be able to cover every situation, while benefiting from cutting-edge, affordable products.

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