Rockfishing is a sea-fishing technique that comes straight from Japan. Its distinctive feature is that it can be practised anywhere, in any season and by anyone. Rockfishing involves luring fish under rocks. Rockfishing is dynamic and full of surprises.

Rockfishing: what equipment?

The basic equipment for rockfishing is a light, easy-to-handle rod. It should be between 2 m and 2.30 m long, with a weight of between 1 and 20 g. It should be fitted with a reel with a maximum size of 2,000 - 2,500, offering a retrieve of at least 60 cm/revolution of the crank.

A lightweight reel will hold the rod firmly in place while providing great strength during the fighting phases.

This assembly should be reinforced with abrasion-resistant fluorocarbon line. As far as lures are concerned, we advise you to go for soft, light lures of between 2 and 7 cm.

You'll also need a range of accessories (tackle box, fish counter, casting tool, rucksack, landing net handle, weights).

Sea fishing: a rich and varied experience

By boat, with your feet in the water, on the rocks... sea fishing is a very wide-ranging activity. It is prized for the variety of techniques it offers. Rockfishing, surfcasting, coarse fishing... sea fishing is for all types of angler, from the amateur to the more experienced.

Sea fishing also promises interesting catches, from fish to shellfish. Blennies, sea bass, sea bream... are some of the most popular fish caught at sea. The equipment you use will depend on your technique. You could just as easily opt for a spinning or casting set, depending on whether the fishing is heavy or lighter.

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