Shimano fishing

This brand Shimano is legendary and known throughout the world. A forerunner in the creation of front drag reels, it has succeeded in satisfying thousands and even millions of anglers who are loyal to the brand.

We'd like to introduce you to the different products that the brand has to offer, whether you're a keen angler or a novice. We'll be talking about fishing rods and trying to tell you about the range as a whole.

Then, of course, we'll stop off at the reels, where we'll talk about the big names that the brand has established. We'll be looking at the Stella, the Twin Power Sw and the Shimano Stradic FL reel and their technologies.

Finally, we'll look at the ranges that the brand offers. We'll be talking to carp anglers as well as those looking for predator fish, or white fish on jab or feeder. The luggage and accessories will provide you with complete solutions for your fishing.

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Rods Shimano

The most popular rods in recent years have been Shimano casting rods. Using modern carbon, they are ever lighter and ever more resistant, making it easier for you to read your animations. There are rods to suit all tastes and prices.

The Zodias range and the poison adrena range are particularly popular, offering lengths and powers that are well suited to our fishing conditions. The Yasei series will also be perfect, some of them designed exclusively for Europe, like the Technium and Aernos.

You can count on modern actions for all these series. Gone are the days when rods were too soft, or only suitable for crankbait or spinner fishing. In all cases, information will be provided to help you make the best choice.

The entire range of Tx carp rods is also a reference for carp anglers. Developed for carp fishing, they offer a wide variety of techniques. Once again, you can count on lightness and strength, without sacrificing feel. TX carp rods are always a good choice.

The other series have nothing to be ashamed of, especially those developed for sea fishing. You'll be able to turn to surfcasting models, which have won many awards and are widely recognised, thanks in particular to their popularity in Italy. There are plenty of boat models too.

The last very interesting series is that belonging to the STC concept, which offers reduced dimensions for easy transport of your equipment, by car, motorbike, but above all by plane to faraway destinations.

Reels Shimano

To date, the Shimano Europe reel range includes almost 100 different reels to cover all fishing techniques. From front drag reels to low profile reels to trolling, you'll have the chance to match a model to your budget and your technique. Here's a brief introduction to a few models.

The Twin Power Sw is a benchmark model, offering a more attractive price than the Stella while having virtually identical features. This Shimano Twin Power reel is designed for saltwater fishing, with the SW symbol indicating Saltwater. From its small 4000 size for bass, to its 14000, 18 000 or 20 000 sizes, it will provide you with impressive power for searching for tuna or fish in exotic fishing.

The Shimano ultegra FB has long been an interesting mid-range reel. Here too, it's just below the flagship shimano stradic fl reel, but offers very similar qualities of use. This shimano ultegra FB reel was replaced by an FC version in 2021, for an even more accomplished finish offering a devastating-looking spinning reel front brake.

Using carbon in its frame to make it even lighter, we couldn't recommend the brand's latest addition, the spinning reel Shimano Vanford. Already a firm favourite with thousands of anglers, it offers all the know-how Shimano in a budget of around €200.

Level casting reelyou'll want to check out a number of reels, including models equipped with an svs brake or the DC braking system for casting. The Curado DC is the perfect choice for general freshwater predator fishing. Its DC braking system will give you optimum assistance when casting all lure weights.

The Tranx is a beast of a rod for pike fishing. With its very solid frame, capable of being exported to the sea for jigging, it is the successor to the famous Curado 301 E which for many years was indisputable for these heavy lures.

The Slx dc has been designed with a spool braking system that has only recently been found on top-of-the-range models. The successor to the famous curado, or rather citica, it will be a playful, loyal and comfortable partner for all your predator fishing.

As you can see, the range is particularly wide and offers you multiple solutions. Between the excellence of a Shimano Twin Power reel, the strength of a Spinning Stella front drag reel, the price of a Shimano Fx reel and the versatility of a Shimano Stradic FL reel, you'll find products that meet your expectations.

The ranges Shimano

To give anglers a clearer idea of what they're looking for, the brand has opted for series that offer a strong identity for a selection of products.

Turn to the STC travel range. The different models are made up of several strands for easy storage and, above all, low-cost transport. You'll find :

  • The Exage Bx spin rod
  • Speedmaster Bx Spin rod
  • STC Spin
  • STC Multi Spin
  • STC Tele Spin

The spinning reel shimano and casting range also includes a number of series:

  • The Slx, with the classic, the XT and the SLX dc designed with the electronic brake system
  • Metanium, with its maintenance port, available in MGL and DC
  • The Stradic, available as a Shimano Stradic FL reel with metal frame and maintenance port and the Ci4 using carbon to reduce weight
  • The Stella range, with the light FJ version and the SW-C version with models fitted with a brake with integrated cooling

Numerous other series exist, so you can always place yourself in an order of price and use. You'll soon realise that a Shimano Fx reel is designed for beginners, while a Tranx is a beast of power for the pursuit of very large pikes.