Fox Rage, the fishing brand for predators

Fox Rage is certainly one of the most successful brands of fishing tackle in recent years. It is the predator fishing counterpart of the famous Fox brand for carp.

Initially influenced by Northern Europe, entire ranges of soft lures for perch and zander have been developed. The Fox Rage Spikey, the fast UV tiddler and the famous Fox Rage replicant soft lure are the best known.

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The development team then changed a little, to see a footprint more focused on the south and on France. Other models then appeared to complete the brand's offer.

That's how the 9cm slick shad came into being, along with the UV mixed colour and, more recently, the Rage Super Slick and the soft bait replicant realistic pike. Spinnerbaits and chatterbaits have also appeared, as have streamers such as the Drop Shot series Fox.

Fox Rage has not contented itself with just developing lures and new Fox Rage Ultra UV colours. The brand has also concentrated on designing quality luggage, with the famous Camo Tackle Vest, which is regularly out of stock, and the Camo Deluxe Belt. And you can also count on accessories like the Fox Rage Power Grip.

As you can see, this brand has really taken on a dimension where everything is possible. Lures, accessories, luggage, as well as Rage Fox rods and reels are all on offer. Quality, innovation and modernity will not fail to accompany them.

Rod Fox Rage 3 ranges to serve you

To give you the best possible understanding of the Fox Rage range of fishing rods, the brand has opted for 3 clear ranges, each with a different level of quality. You'll find all-purpose models in almost every series.

The Prism X is the entry-level range, or almost. Because these are already top-quality rods. You'll find a fairly wide choice, from ultra-light trout to big-bait pike such as the soft bait Fox Rage Giant Replicant.

The intermediate rod series is called Terminator. It is the spearhead of the brand. It offers an impeccable finish and modern, lightweight blanks, all within a very attractive budget range. One of the most popular will be the Terminator Spin finesse for light trout and perch fishing.

Finally, the last family on offer is the TI Pro. This is the top of the range. It offers a slightly shorter selection to focus on the excellence of its blank for certain techniques. The rings are made from titanium, the reel seat from Fuji and the overall weight is ultra-light for a grip you'd expect.

Lures, a unique know-how

If there's one product family in which Fox Rage stands head and shoulders above the rest, it's the huge choice of lures Fox Rage. Their know-how, acquired from the best European specialists, has made them renowned almost internationally.

Soft lures are the best known. They are the main focus of development and research. Here are the most popular models:

  • Slick Shad 9cm
  • Fox Rage Super Slick Shad
  • Fox Rage Spikey
  • Tiddler Fast UV

But these are not the only ones. Larger models have been developed to help anglers catch the biggest pike. Choose from the soft bait Replicant Reaslistic Pike, the soft bait Fox Rage Replicant or the soft bait Fox Rage Giant.

These models also come in some remarkable colours. We're thinking in particular of the recent innovation of Fox Rage Ultra UV colours, which have seen the various models become stars once again. The brand has even created packs of them to invite you to discover the UV Mixed Colour.

Fox Rage's creativity doesn't stop at the soft lure family. You'll also find spinnerbaits and chatterbaits at very attractive prices. There are also weightheads, Fox Rage Jig for arming and hybrid lures such as Drop Shot Fox.

A growing range of accessories

Fox Rage in the final analysis, we're talking about a wide range of fishing tackle. The wide range of accessories Fox Rage are not to be outdone, so you'll be fully prepared for your longest fishing days.

A selection of tools has been created. To cut braid, replace those hooks or simply unhook a predator, Fox rage has a product for you. The latest Fox Rage Power Grip is an excellent product for retrieving treble hooks from fish.

Luggage is not to be outdone, with 2 main series of bags Fox Rage to suit almost all budgets. Two big names are must-haves for their quality and practicality. These include the Camo Vest tackle, which doubles up as an adapted waistcoat, and the Camo Deluxe Belt for streetfishermen.

Fox rage also offers weightheads for different techniques. Vertical, linear, back casting, it's all possible. The latest range, the Jig, has the advantage of being sold by the piece so that you can equip your Fox Rage boxes to best effect.

The brand is not set to stop there, and will be adding new products to its range on a regular basis. The Fox Rage clothing range is also well established, so it would not be surprising to see products adapted to the practice of our favourite sport on boats, such as waistcoats and why not float tubes in the brand's colours.