Fishing accessories: A huge choice

Whether you're fishing for lures,bait or carp, there are plenty of accessories to make your life easier on the water. Whether it's for your rigs or your personal comfort, you'll find a huge choice.

For rods and reels, you'll be able to choose from a range of protections, as well as practical storage solutions. You'll also be able to count on products to maintain your favourite fishing rod.

Accessories also include glasses and clothing that can be technical or modern. The Street Fishing concept has democratised clothing for anglers, with a range that is renewed almost every year.

This range also includes float tubes and everything else you need for sailing. These include fishfinders and fish detection equipment, as well as lifejackets and floating anchors.

Finally, there are the small accessories. There are lots of them, covering all fishing techniques. You'll be able to count on nylons of different sizes, as well as a vast choice ofhooks and floats.

You'll also need to consider a landing net head or possibly a pair of pliers as essential tools once you're on the water. Different shaped sinkers or a leader system for your soft lures will also be part of the package.


To complete the equipment on your rods, there are little extras to make your life easier. They're both practical and essential if you want your equipment to last longer.

You can rely on socks to protect your blank. You'll also find lure hooks, neoprene ties and even holders for storing your gear.

When it comes to reel accessories, you'll also have a choice of several products that can be particularly useful. You'll be able to discover neoprene covers or even special kits for your organisation.

This is also an opportunity to equip yourself with very specific maintenance products. Oil, grease, protective products - all things that can make a difference to your equipment's lifespan. They will also be there to preserve all the initial qualities of your casting or spinning.


The choice of clothing in the world of fishing is fairly wide. You can count on a regular renewal of the range, which always makes you want to own the latest model.

We need to distinguish between 2 main families: technical products and products for the general public. Technical products are designed for fishing. They are not necessarily very beautiful, but have important qualities for the angler's comfort once on the water.

They generally include technical t-shirts, long-sleeved UV protection, cold-weather suits and waterproof wetsuits. You'll also find gloves and goggles, which are important accessories for certain techniques.

The second category covers fashionable products, those you like to wear both on the water and in your everyday life. T-shirts, sweatshirts, jogging suits, hats and caps are the most popular products.

When it comes to luggage and fishing bags, there's plenty to choose from. You'll discover the fishing spirit in all these models. You can choose from large bags for boat fishing, shoulder bags for street fishing or a simple rucksack waistcoat for wading trout fishing.


Modern practices have moved anglers away from the generally crowded waterside. They have gradually tended to get closer to the fish, and boats were the only way to do this.

Float tube models were born and have since become a must-have for an entire generation. The float tube is a useful tool for presenting your rigs or bait as close as possible to predators or other sought-after fish.

You'll find a wide range of models at a wide range of prices. The quality of the material and their comfort are the key factors in making the right choice. Don't forget to buy a lifejacket, which is ESSENTIAL.

Boating equipment has also developed. You'll find popular accessories for recharging your battery or even for equipping yourself with one. In fact, we offer a range of small, slow-discharge batteries that are perfect for these small craft.

Last but not least, you'll find all the marine electronics you need, from depth finders and GPS to bow and stern electric motors. These are often top-of-the-range products that will help you get the most out of your fishing.


These are what will make your fishing experience and your image. These small items are probably the most important, as they are used at least as much as your rod and reel.

We're talking about the line. They can be braid, nylon or fluorocarbon. You can adapt your choice to the fish you are after.

A hook or a jig head are also products you can't do without. The size of the lure can be of vital importance. The shape of the sinker can also influence the action.

Clasps and swivels are also important, as are floats for live or catfish fishing. These connecting elements are regularly important in the construction of your rig.

Then there are the tools, which are the final elements of your practice. They are the extension of your hand in many situations, allowing you to complete your catch with a landing net, make your mounts or change hooks.

A pair of pliers or scissors are a must in any situation, whether you're trying to get the fish back in the water as quickly as possible.

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