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The fishing hook is an essential accessory for lure fishing. Fitted with a bait, it captures fish and keeps them trapped while the fishing line is being reeled in. In our catalogue, you'll find different types of hooks to suit your needs.

You'll find a wide selection of top-quality hooks for all your fishing adventures. Whether you're a novice angler or a seasoned expert, we have the products and accessories you need to make your next fishing trip a success.

We are proud to offer you a variety of hooks from different renowned brands such as VMC, Owner, Gamakatsu, BKK, Hayabusa, Decoy and many more. Our hooks are available in various sizes, shapes and models to suit all fishing needs. Whether you're fishing for carp, predator, catfish, surfcasting or using other fishing techniques, you'll find the perfect hook for your next adventure.

For us, quality is everything. We carefully select our hooks to ensure they are made from the finest materials and with exceptional precision. You can be confident of the strength and durability of the products in our catalogue. What's more, we strive to offer you competitive prices so that quality doesn't compromise your fishing budget.

To make your life easier, we also offer pre-assembled hook rigs for immediate use. Our rigs are designed with quality baits and lures to attract a wide variety of fish. Choose from a range of rigs to suit different fishing techniques, including assist, circle, triple and many more.

We understand that when the urge to fish strikes, you don't want to wait long to receive your products. That's why we offer fast delivery with 24 hour dispatch on 97% of our catalogue, so you can get ready for your next trip without waiting. What's more, our stock is constantly updated to ensure that products are available all year round.

To help you make the best choice, we offer expert fishing advice. Our teams are passionate about fishing and are on hand to answer all your questions. What's more, you can consult our customer reviews to get a clear idea of the experience our products offer.

In addition to our hooks, we offer a wide range of essential fishing accessories, such as rods, lines, sinkers, lures, baits, beads, paddles, tippets, and much more. We're your one-stop shop for everything you need for a successful day on the water.

Explore our categories to discover products from top brands like Sensas, Guru, Garbolino, Preston, Black Nick, Flashmer and many more. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it here.

Thank you for choosing Leurre de la Pêche for your fishing hooks and accessories needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or specific requests. Happy fishing!


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Top quality fishing hooks

You can tell a good quality fishing hook by its strength, flexibility and durability. All the products we offer combine these three characteristics to guarantee you successful fishing trips. They are designed by manufacturers renowned for the extreme efficiency of their equipment: VMC yuki, Madcat, Zappu, Fox Rage Cat, Gamakatsu..

Most of the hooks available in our catalogue for anglers come in a range of sizes to suit different fishing environments and techniques. They guarantee excellent glide and have certain special features depending on the model or the fish for which they are intended.

For example, hooks designed to catch catfish are specially treated to reduce their magnetic field. This increases their effectiveness.

Our single hooks for lure fishing

Discover our selection of qualitysingle hooks for lure fishing. Made from durable metal, they often feature a U-shape with a sharp point and a handy eye for easy attachment to your fishing line. Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs, single hooks are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Using a single hook is essential for successful fishing. Take advantage of the best brands at the best prices at Leurre de la pêche. We offer a wide range of high-quality single hooks, suitable for all types of angler.

Whether you're an experienced angler or a keen beginner, we have the perfect single hook for you. Rely on our expertise and equip yourself with the best hooks to maximise your chances of success on your fishing trips.

Our double hooks

Discover our selection of qualitydouble hooks for effective fishing. Double hooks are ultra-efficient for fishing aggressive fish such as pike. Precision-manufactured, the brands have developed ranges of double hooks offering better grip and increasing your chances of success on your fishing trips.

Whether you're a freshwater or sea angler, you'll find the double hook to suit your needs. Their versatile design makes them ideal for a variety of fishing techniques, whether you're fishing trolling, casting or fly fishing.

Our treble hooks

Our selection oftreble hooks from some of the world's leading fishing brands will give you simply outstanding performance.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit all targets, treble hooks are perfect for catching species such as pike, tuna, walleye, perch and bass. Their three sharp points provide a firm grip, greatly reducing the risk of stalling during the fight.

Hook assists

Discover our selection of top-qualityassists hooks to optimise your sport fishing catches. Assists hooks, also known as assist line hooks, are essential tools for anglers looking for a secure hold and improved responsiveness.

Precision-manufactured by leading brands, our range of assists hooks will meet all your needs, whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler.

This configuration provides exceptional grip and increased sensitivity when fighting the toughest fish.

Our heads weight

Discover our selection of quality weightheads for effective fishing. weight ées heads are essential accessories for anglers looking for a realistic presentation and ultra-effective action.

They offer the perfect balance to hold your bait in place while imitating the natural movements of prey, increasing your chances of success on your fishing trips.

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