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Fishing line are part of the basic equipment you need for angling. These fishing accessories are used to equip the rod for the various set-ups. Above all, it's important to select quality line and hooks that are suited to the fishing technique being practised.


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The different types of fishing line

There are several types of fishing line, each with its own specific characteristics. Here are the three main categories:

  1. Monofilament line: This is the type of line most commonly used by anglers. Made from nylon, it offers good resistance to abrasion and knots. It is also flexible and discreet in the water, making it particularly suitable for trout fishing.
  2. Fluorocarbon line: This type of line is very similar to monofilament, but has a light refraction close to that of water, making it almost invisible underwater. This makes it ideal for fishing for wary fish such as trout. It is also more resistant to abrasion than monofilament, but generally more expensive.
  3. Braided line or braid: Made from braided synthetic fibres, this type of line offers superior resistance to weight and impact. It is also very thin in relation to its strength, allowing smaller diameters to be used for the same power. However, it is less discreet in the water than other types of line and can be more difficult to handle.

How do you choose the right fishing line for the job?

To choose the fishing line best suited to your needs, you need to take into account a number of important criteria, such as:

  • Fishing technique: Depending on the method used (fly fishing, casting, toc, etc.), one type of line may be more appropriate than another. For example, a supple, discreet line such as monofilament will be particularly suited to trout fishing with a jig.
  • Type of fish: Some fish have better eyesight than others and are therefore more sensitive to the presence of line in the water. In this case, it is preferable to opt for a discrete line such as fluorocarbon.
  • Environmental conditions: The colour of the water, the light or the presence of obstacles can influence the choice of line. For example, an abrasion-resistant line is recommended if you're fishing in a crowded environment.

Diameter and strength of fishing line

The diameter and strength of the line are also essential criteria to consider when making your choice. A line that is too thin may not be able to withstand the weight of the fish, while one that is too thick may be less discreet and could scare off the fish. Line strength is usually expressed in kilograms or pounds.

It's important to choose a line with the right strength for the type of fish you want to catch. For example, for trout fishing, a line strength of 4 to 6 kg (8 to 12 lb) is generally sufficient. However, don't hesitate to adjust this value according to the size of the fish and the fishing conditions.

The colour of the fishing line

The colour of your fishing line can also influence your success. Some lines are more visible underwater than others, which can scare fish away. Generally speaking, the most discreet colours are transparent, green and brown.

However, certain situations may require the use of a more conspicuously coloured line, for example if you are fishing in particle-laden water where visibility is reduced. In this case, a yellow or orange line can make it easier to find your line.

Maintaining your fishing line for optimum durability

To preserve the qualities of your fishing line, it's essential to look after it and store it properly. Here are a few tips for looking after your line:

  • Regularly rinse your line in fresh water after each fishing trip to remove any dirt and salt deposits that could damage the material.
  • Check the condition of your line regularly, especially if it shows signs of wear or deterioration. Change it if necessary.
  • Store your wire away from light, humidity and temperature variations, which can alter its properties.

By following this advice, you'll be able to enjoy your equipment for longer and increase your chances of success when fishing.

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