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Modern fishing requires more and more equipment and fishing accessories. In recent years, electric and electronic tools have appeared on our boats and float tubes.

However, all our marine electronics need batteries to work. Whether weight or lithium, our echo sounders and electric motors need electricity to operate.


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Lithium batteries, lighter and more autonomous

Whether you're powering your float tube, kayak or boat, the electric motors you adapt will need a power supply. This source of electricity can be provided by a lithium, acid or weight battery. The price of these different technologies is often double or triple.

Lithium batteries are not the cheapest, but they offer long autonomy and a long service life, as well as being very light. They are ideal for a boat that needs to remain light, such as a float tube or a boat that is already heavily loaded or lightly powered.

Electric motors require a fairly large power source. Some can be connected to 12v, 24v or 36v. There are also different types of lithium battery: lithium ion polymer and LifePo4. LifePo4 batteries have a higher nominal voltage, enabling them to be connected to a key-start internal combustion engine, but they are heavier than lithium ion polymer batteries.

Powering your electric motor and echo sounder with a battery

Not all electric motors operate at the same voltage. Depending on their operating power, there are 12V, 24V and 36V motors. So you need to match your battery to your electric motor.

However, you won't need to get another battery to power your echo sounders or other 12V equipment.

Nowadays, batteries designed for fishing are supplied with a regulated 12V output that is useful for connecting echo sounders, USB ports, a bilge pump, a filling pump for a livewell, etc. This is the case with BSR lithium batteries, available in 12V, 24V and 36V that supply up to 100 amps.

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