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Landing net fishing is an essential accessory for any fisherman who wants to safely catch or release their catches.

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Nowadays, there are different types ofLanding netadapted for fishing trout, pike, and other predators.

This fishing accessory stands out for its length. sleeve, the depth of its net, the width of its mesh, or even its material. Some Landing net are even equipped with a scale and a meter to limit the time the fish spends out of the water.

The different types of landing net available at Leurre de la Pêche

The Landing net are essential accessories for fishing. We can distinguish two main categories of Landing net: the Landing net fixed and the Landing net telescopic ones. Landing net fixed ones have a handle and a fixed size head, while the Landing net Telescopic poles have an adjustable length handle and a foldable head.

The Landing net Fixed ones are more robust and lighter, but they are less convenient to transport and store. The Landing net Telescopic poles are more versatile and compact, but they are heavier and sometimes more fragile.

The choice of the type of Landing net mainly depends on the fishing method and the fishing location. If you fish from a boat or a float tube, you will need a longer and sturdier fishing rod than if you fish from the shore. Landing net fixed with a short handle and a wide head, to be able to quickly grab the fish without having to bend over. If you are fishing from the shore or wading, you will need a Landing net Telescopic with a long handle and a narrow head, to be able to reach the fish without having to get too close.

Landing net racket is a Landing net Light and compact, ideal for trout fishing in the river. It is characterized by its oval shape and its fine and deep net. It allows you to catch the fish quickly and easily.

Landing net floating is a Landing net intended for lure fishing in a float tube or kayak. It is notable for its ability to float on water and its anti-snag net. It allows you to retrieve the fish without damaging the lure or the net. The Landing net floating can also serve as a nursery for perch fishing.

The characteristics of a good Landing net

Today, we find some Landing net at all prices, from the simple racket for trout fishing to the large one. Landing net to pike.

To choose his Landing net For fishing, it is also necessary to take into account several characteristics that influence the quality and efficiency of a Landing net :

  • The material of the handle isLanding net : It can be made of wood, metal, or carbon. Wood is aesthetic and pleasant to the touch, but it is sensitive to moisture and shocks. Metal is strong and resistant, but it is heavy and cold. Carbon is light and rigid, but it is more expensive and fragile. The length of the handle is an important element to consider for comfort when floating, boating, or from the shore.
  • The shape of the head: theLanding net It can be round, oval, rectangular, or triangular. The round shape offers a large capacity, but it is less manageable. The oval shape is a good compromise between capacity and manageability. The triangular shape is the most suitable for long and thin fish, like pikes.
  • The mesh of the net: it can be fine or wide, made of nylon or rubber. The fine mesh is more discreet and gentler on the fish, but it easily gets tangled with the hooks. A Landing net Large mesh is easier to clean and dry, but it damages the fish more. Large meshes are used for sea fishing. Nylon is light and flexible, but it retains water and odors. Rubber is heavy and rigid, but it prevents snags and respects the fish's mucus.
  • The depth of the net: it must be adapted to the size of the fish. A net that is too deep increases the risk of injury to the fish during handling. A net that is too short does not allow for properly holding the fish.

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