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Fishing is most often done from the shore, but in recent years many anglers are fishing from boats. The help of an electric motor can be necessary in many situations. Nowadays, fishing accessories are playing an increasingly important role in our fishing parties.


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Electric motor Rhino VX 54
Electric motor Rhino VX 54

Electric motor Rhino VX 54

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Electric motors have several uses. Some anglers use them to manage drift by linking them to depth sounders. They can then follow a given depth, be anchored to the GPS to fish a very localised spot, or circle around a rock head.

Other motors are used for navigation over short distances. They come in a range of power ratings to suit different boat sizes. In 12, 24 or 36v, electric motors are battery-powered. In recent years, lithium batteries have been developed to power these motors.

Nowadays, electric motors can be controlled by pedal or remote control. The pedal is widely used by black bass anglers in the United States. It allows you to steer the boat while keeping your hands free for fishing.

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