The different types of sea fishing

Sea fishing is a relatively vast subject. In fact, there are so manyspecies of fish, shellfish and crustaceans that it would almost be necessary to write a book several hundred pages long to cover all the techniques. Just the stalking of certain fish such as bass, wolffish or tuna has a literature of its own. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. In Japan, you'd be amazed at the encyclopaedias on cephalopod fishing, especially squid.

So we're going to concentrate here on advice on fishing tackle that is suited to this sport. Rods that can be used for local fishing from the shore, and other models capable of putting a swordfish to the sword on the other side of the globe. A line or rig offering the very highest levels of technical features to ensure controlled fights even in very difficult situations. Or a reel with a very solid, virtually watertight frame that leaves no room for corrosion or other external elements.

All these elements will need to have undergone a battery of tests to be able to cope with the sometimes testing conditions of the sea. Salt water tends not to go down well with gears and metal parts such as hooks.

So here's some advice from anglers on the main techniques for fishing for marine predators.


This is undoubtedly one of the most popular fishing techniques these days. It's a wait-and-see fishery, and the main targets in our waters are bass, bream, meagre and skate. Surfcasting is visible to all, as it can be done from the edge of the beach, day or night. What's more, surfcasting can be practised all year round, with no one season being more favourable than another for catching good fish. The principle is to cast one or more baits in very specific areas where your prey is located and where it passes.

Surfcasting requires the use of a special rod fishing line. It will usually have to be long to reach long casting distances. It should also be capable of propelling weights in excess of 100g, and in a violent enough manner to ensure that your rig always lands as far as possible. Use baits such as squid, worms, sardines or shellfish.

Finally, it's important to be perfectly equipped, both in terms of clothing and accessories. Spikes or tripods are almost essential for comfortable fishing, as are high-quality hooks. Don't forget to cover up properly and plan for the vagaries of changing weather, including rain, wind and cold. This style of fishing can quickly become very physically demanding.


Modern, cool and visual, the rockfishing technique is in vogue with the younger generations of anglers. These anglers have reclaimed the harbours to scratch the bottom in search of fish. Rockfishing is generally done with small lures to find rock fish, but it can also be very effective for bass.

Once again, this type of fishing requires special equipment to get the best results and be particularly effective. The rod fishing line will generally be quite long if you need to reach a good distance and shorter for fishing on pontoons, bridges or moored boats. The action will generally not be too fast to allow for a degree of versatility.

You'll be able to vary the lures you use with it. We're thinking in particular of the use of soft lures, with quite different shapes and actions. Try to reproduce a small prey swimming or feeding on the bottom. Another essential lure is the jig, or rather the micro jig weighing just a few grams. Brilliant and easy to animate, it will be a tireless playing partner that will have you taking lots of bites right from your first cast.

Jigging for sea fishing

Highly effective and easy to learn, jigging is within everyone's grasp, both in terms of the cost of the equipment and the technique involved. It involves lowering metal jigs of varying weight into several metres of water, depending on the position. The aim is to move the lure up and down in a more or less orderly fashion. This will tend to imitate prey either fleeing or dying on the bottom.

You can use both casting and spinning rigs. The important thing with this technique is to have a combo that perfectly matches the weight of the lures you are going to use. It can be very interesting to use a jigging braid that changes colour at regular intervals.

This can be a great help in finding an animation rhythm and knowing where you are in relation to the bottom. The reel should be in the very strong range to be able to repeat these heavy animations. You can target wolffish, bonito or mackerel.

Sea fishing from a boat.

This type of fishing combines a number of techniques that can be practised from a boat. Sea fishing from a boat can focus on different species, and generally involves a wide range of baits, livebaits and lures, as well as very specific groundbaits. We'll be talking about bait fishing, trolling or grazing.

Like the vast majority of marine practices, you can choose your season and be able to catch a fish in all weathers, whether cold, hot, rainy, sunny or windy.

Your equipment will depend on the technique you use. But there are some broad guidelines. Generally speaking, you'll be using fairly short rods. They are easier to handle from a boat and, above all, lighter. If you don't need to cast far, you'll opt for comfort. The boat will always be able to get closer to the target position.

Almost anything you come across in the water can be targeted using this method of fishing, from cephalopods to sharks and mackerel.

Big-game fishing

Here too, we are dealing with a somewhat general subject. Big-game fishing encompasses several techniques, including one that is often equated with it: trolling. This involves putting a lure in the water and using a boat to give it its swimming action. You then have to keep moving forward to get the fishing action going.

Choosing the right equipment and hooks will also be important. Lines and rigs will be different whether you're fishing in our waters or thousands of miles away. The main trophies targeted will be tuna or bonito, swordfish, sailfish, barracuda or dolphinfish.


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