Which rod is right for bass fishing from a boat?

peche au bar en bateau

La sea bass fishing can be practised from edge or in sea in a boat. Like all the others, it requires fishing techniques a equipment adapted tosea fishing if you want to perform as you should and if you don't want to damage your equipment.

Le bar also known as Loup de mer, is one of the fish europe's most famous game fish, and not without good reason. It can be found in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic from Norway to Morocco, and makes for some great battles.

Le choice of your rod, but also your reel is essential. Visit bar is stalked in areas with sandy and/or rocky bottoms up to 35/40 metres deep. We recommend that you head for the oyster and shellfish beds or the bays, as these are the spots best suited to this species species.

The fishermen beginners often dream of leaving fishing on their boat in search of bar, but the insane quantity of products destined for the sea fishing by boat more than one. Especially as techniques used are not necessarily the same. On the shore, bring-back casting is the most common, but in boat it will be fishing to scratch. Don't forget that in rough seas, you'll need to adapt your equipment once again - our article "What type of fishing rod for rough seas ?"This will ensure that you select the best equipment for these situations.

Of course, you can also practice fishing technique that you want, but we recommend that you define your needs carefully before buying your equipment.

Depending on the technique you will leave on a rod and reel set with the perfect balance that will fully meet the latter.

A sensitive, tactile rod for bass fishing from a boat

The canes adapted to sea bass fishing from the banks are considerably longer than the models designed for use on a boat. One of the most important things you can do when fishing from edge at lureFor the bar is to have a rod able to launch the lure at a sufficient distance. The 2m70 long is often a good compromise, but the throw is longer and the lure can be launched over much greater distances.

In our case, we want to find the fishing rod best suited to the sea fishing by boat.

On the boats, it's the short canes which do not exceed 2m40 which will be most suitable. Thanks to its small size, the unit is not only much easier to handle, particularly in the case of fishing between friends on the same boat, but above all the distance factor is less important, because as we said, the preferred technique from a boat will be scratch fishing. Very often, attacks take place just a few metres from the boat.

It is important to note that short canes also benefit from greater precision, as well as greater sensitivity, which is a very important factor in the fishing of this species, the detection of hits is all the more effective.

We therefore recommend that you select a fishing rod from 2m10 to 2m40 maximum for your boat fishing, so you can deal with any situation.

A not-so-obvious choice of power for your rod

It is essential to ask oneself the question of the choice of power of the blank for maximum efficiency in tracking the bar.

Once again, the sheer volume of information on the different models can be confusing for beginners.

For the lure rods, the power is most often expressed in grams. This is generally the range that corresponds to the optimum weight recommended by the manufacturer. For example, I have a power of rod is between 30 and 80g, so the manufacturer is recommending that I launch lures whose weight lies between these two extremes.

The strength of a rod can also be expressed in LBS. This is where it gets tricky for beginners. It's the size of the line, not the weight range of the cast. So a blank rated at 20lb should be used with braid or nylon rated at around 11kg.

If you want to bass fishing from a boat, we recommend that you choose a model that most closely matches the weight of your lures for maximum performance.

The fishing rod has evolved considerably over the last two decades, and the number of canes for the lure fishing available on the market is constantly increasing.

The advantage for anglers is that this practice has also been widely democratised, and it is now possible to find high-quality products at a much lower price than in the past for the latest technology.

Of course, there are still some very technical models priced at over €500, but some of them are more expensive than others canes are not very easy to use for beginners.

If you are a beginner, choose a versatile model that suits your average budget and get started. It's very important to keep the rod, then you have enough time to decide on a top-quality model for even more fun. Then you have enough time to decide on a top-quality model for even more fun. But remember rods don't make fishermen. A well-equipped angler may never catch a fish, while another with completely basic equipment will perform much better..

Our selection

Now that you're up to speed on technique you want to use, how to choose the right good power and you need a tactile and sensitive rod for the sea bass fishing, we have a selection of three canes.

An entry-level range particularly suited to beginners, a mid-range range for anglers looking for technical equipment without spending too much, and then a top-of-the-range rod that incorporates all the best features on the market for maximum efficiency.

The Sea Spinning Rod Daiwa Legalis Seabass AF, the most affordable offer

canne mer legalis seabass daiwa

This series of spinning rods for the sea Daiwa has been developed to meet lure fishermen. It's aimed at novice anglers, or those who don't fish regularly but still want to make the most of quality equipment. The Legalis Seabass is available in 13 models for a wide range of uses and techniques.

The progressive action of this series makes her comfortable handling hard bait. It will dampen vibrations, leaving only the touch and contact with the bottom as information. This action will also make it easier to cast, and it will be able to reach long distances quickly.

To choose your model, you need to match it to your riding style. The power range must correspond to the lures you'll be using and the lengths to suit your fishing grounds. You will opt for lengths of 2m10 to 2m50 for the boat fishing and above 2m50 for practices since edge.

The Black Gold Seabass Spinning Rod, the most balanced solution

canne mer black gold seabass daiwa

Daiwa designed the black Gold Seabass sea spinning rods designed for use in salt water, they are perfect in combination with the reel of the same name.

Equipped with a blank hVF carbon with x45 technology. They'll withstand the twists and turns of the toughest battles without breaking. Their rings Fuji Alconite Concept O will withstand all marine weather conditions.

The black gold seabass rods, are cut out for the sea fishing, the wide range of length and power our suggestions will help you choose the model best suited to your style. Faithful to the legendary black gold aesthetic, they feature a highly successful design combining black and gold.

Daiwa leaves no room for defects, the carbon reel seat and the carbon detailing on the heel are on a par with the overall quality of this series of rods.

The Spinning Rod Tenryu SP 73 M fuel injection, the highest performance

Tenryu Injection SP 73 M canne mer

This rod has excellent versatility for predator research both in sea that fresh water. The expertise of Tenryu and its canes you'll benefit from the best on the market.

Its power range from 5 to 28g means it can be used with a wide variety of lures so you can adapt to any situation. The power reserve has been designed to be large enough to cope with pikes or even bars very playful.

A rod that will satisfy fishermen the most demanding. If you haven't found what you're looking for, then our article "Which fishing rod for the sea ?"You might just find the answer to all your questions and the Holy Grail.

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