Sea fishing equipment

Sea lure fishing is a technique that is particularly popular with a large proportion of French anglers. There are specific techniques such as jigging and surfcasting. But we're going to focus here on the dynamism of fishing with lures cast from the shore or from the boat.

We will try to introduce you to the equipment we offer for this type of sea fishing. We'll be talking about the different fishing rods you'll find depending on the situation. We'll also look at the reels you'll need to combine to create a coherent package.

Then we'll talk about lures. We'll see that there are a multitude of possibilities. Some models clearly stand out from the crowd and are a must-have for beginners. The Black Minnow from Fiiish or certain flashmer lures will be highlighted.

Finally, we'll be looking at accessories that you won't be able to do without, so that at the end of the day your fishing is both a success and an excellent souvenir. We'll be talking about hooks, line and tackle in general.


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Metal jig Ragot Snack

Metal jig Ragot Snack

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Our sea fishing rods

peche en mer

These will mainly be spinning sea fishing rods. The models on offer will be fairly varied. You'll need to fish for as many fish as possible. There are plenty of possibilities, from tracking bass, pollack, barracuda and many other species of fish that have different requirements depending on the lure fishing technique or spot.

One of the main characteristics that these fishing rods must have is their resistance tosalt water, like all sea tackle. As we all know, lure fishing at sea is very demanding on equipment. Choosing a line or rod that is as corrosion-resistant as possible is a guarantee of durability and peace of mind. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll need to pay a high price, just keep an eye on this aspect as you would for the hooks on your lures.

We can offer you all the top brands such as Shimano, Daiwa, Smith or even Tenryu. All these rods are delivered in PVC tubing for maximum protection.

Our selection of sea fishing reels

moulinet pêche en mer

We've tried to give you the widest possible choice of sea fishing reels. As with fishing rods, the species of fish you can catch are particularly numerous. As a result, you may come across small fish and need a smaller reel , as you would for trout.

Of course, you can also go after fish such as sea bass or meagre and need a larger reel with more powerful drags to ensure you get to the end of your fight without having to buy new equipment.

You'll mainly find spinning reels because they're the ones most often used at sea. They provide greater ease for long-distance casting, whether from the shore or from a boat. Their line reserve also makes it easier to respond to a large fish that you might have caught by chance.

Once again, we've selected the top brands to ensure you get the best quality equipment and the most consistent price-quality offer possible for a reel. You'll find Shimanoand Daiwa or Penn and Savage Gear that you can match with a line from the same brand.

Lures for sea fishing

peche en mer sur bateau

As usual, we've tried to offer you as wide a range of sea lures as possible. The situations are so diverse and varied that we were obliged to create the widest possible offer to meet the needs of anglers from all horizons.

So, of course, you'll find the hard bait. You'll find the classic and popular lures such as poppers, jerk minnows, stickbaits and casting jigs. They'll let you fish all types of water column and look for as many different fish as possible. Some can even be reused for fishing at trolling.

We've also created a soft bait. Here too, you'll find models of all sizes, in a wide variety of colours and shapes to suit a wide range of techniques.

The biggest brands will be present, as well as some more confidential ones, allowing you to try out the most innovative products. We're thinking of the traditional Fiiish black minnow or Flashmerbut also products such as Little Jack and Xorus. Don't forget to check that your hooks are designed for these environments.

Clothing and accessories

Sea fishing can sometimes take place in very pleasant conditions, but it can also be subject to rapid changes that you need to anticipate to ensure you have maximum protection when the time comes.

That's why we've put together a whole range of marine clothing designed for safety and comfort. These two aspects should not be neglected, especially when you're going to be practising from a boat or when you want to brave difficult conditions during the cold and windy seasons.

We've also selected a whole range of sea-rigging accessories for you to use in the saltwater environment. Hooks, pliers, jig head, weightpearls, all adapted for long-lasting use in this sometimes very demanding environment.

As you can see, we've chosen to offer you a range of products from all horizons to suit as many cases as possible. Lures of all brands, including fiiish and flashmer, line, jig, reel, hooks, so much equipment that will be perfectly adapted to this sea fishing.

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