Abu Garcia, the iconic Swedish brand

The Abu Garcia fishing brand is one of the most popular in the United States. It has been renowned for its expertise and experience for many years. It offers a wide range of modern products, often at very attractive prices.

If you're looking for an Abu Garcia casting reel or a spinning reel Abu Garcia, you can turn to them with confidence. Many of their models are benchmarks in the industry.

We could mention :

  • Abu Garcia Revo sx
  • Abu Garcia Revo Rocket
  • Abu Garcia Zenon
  • Abu Garcia Ambassadeur classic C4
  • Abu Garcia Revo MGX
  • Abu Garcia Revo X
  • Abu Garcia Spike
  • And the entire Abu Garcia Revo range

They benefit from an impeccable finish, including quality ball bearings with steel balls, as well as a very smooth and durable brake system such as the carbon brake.

You can count on a smoothness of operation that really changes life when you spend hours at the water's edge. A roller bearing is no doubt part of the equation, as are the very light materials often used.

As well as this Abu Garcia ambassador and Revo reel, the brand also offers other products that will delight the most demanding anglers. These include a selection of rod Abu Garcia reels and a range of practical, modern bags.

The brand also offers all the accessories and lures needed for a wide range of techniques, from the most ancient to the most modern. Innovation is a real part of their culture, allowing you to benefit from new technologies and new products on a regular basis.


The brand is first and foremost known and recognised for its expertise in the manufacture and design of reels. Some models are legendary, such as the abu garcia revo Sx, the abu garcia Ambassadeur Classic C4 and more recently the Zenon.

Its Swedish origins quickly drew it into casting. It is this type of reel that has been the most manufactured and designed by the brand. The result is unprecedented expertise. In fact, we owe them certain concepts that we now find in the best reel brands. These include the carbon brake system and certain types of ball bearing that replace steel balls.

The Abu Garcia reel range is particularly wide and if you look abroad you will quickly realise that the French market does not have all the models available. However, we have a series of reels with different characteristics:

  • Casting Reel Abu Garcia ambassador C4
  • Casting Reel Abu Garcia ambassador C3
  • Casting Reel Abu Garcia ambassador SX
  • Casting Reel Abu Garcia ambassador STX
  • Casting Reel Abu Garcia Classic
  • Casting Reel Abu Garcia Spike
  • Casting Reel Abu Garcia Revo STX
  • Casting Reel Abu Garcia Zenon
  • Casting Reel Abu Garcia Revo S
  • Casting Reel Abu Garcia Revo MGXtrem
  • Casting Reel Abu Garcia Revo X
  • Casting Reel Abu Garcia Cardinal Stx
  • And many more with the Abu Garcia Revo Mgx and the increasingly common Japanese models

The Abu Garcia Spinning reel range is not to be outdone, with models based on the same codes. You'll benefit from smooth running, thanks in particular to the roller bearing, for fine fishing with soft lures, but also for more marine applications.

Its origins have also led it to offer a number of models for stalking salmonids with hooded reels. Always of the highest quality, they're here to keep this tradition alive with an exemplary finish.


Once we had mastered the art of manufacturing reels, we had to be able to offer anglers rods for every purpose, to give them the best possible choice. The brand has opted for collections based on the regions of the world, to better adapt to the conditions experienced by anglers.

You'll find both casting and spinning models. The Abu Garcia collection of fishing rods can be both very affordable and very cutting-edge, with top-of-the-range blanks and resin technologies. The joint venture with 3M in this area is also worth noting.

The two types of Abu Garcia rods cover a wide range of uses. You'll find an abu garcia rod fishing rod for fine fishing for perch or trout, as well as for catfish or pike. The ranges are generally very wide to cover all situations.

To enhance its reputation in Europe and around the world, the brand regularly signs partnerships with well-known anglers. In Europe, the name Svartzonker will certainly be familiar to you. He designs products for the brand and associates his name with them as a guarantee of quality.

This was again the case in 2019/2020, with the highly political partnership with American angler Ike Iaconelli, who created a series of Abu Garcia Revo IKE rods and reels and its front drag system.


With the Abu Garcia brand present all over the world, it was important to develop products and therefore lures that would meet all expectations. The result is a wide range of lures for almost all predators.

When it comes to trout fishing, you'll be surprised by the wide range of Abu Garcia lures . The company's presence in northern Europe has brought it into close contact with trout and salmon anglers to offer them the right lures.

But these virgin territories abound in other fish resources, both marine and freshwater. Over the years, whole ranges of lures have been developed to target predators such as pike, zander and perch.

Big baits, jerkbaits and soft lures have appeared in every conceivable size and colour. We now offer them in our catalogue, for shipment within 24 hours.

For the brand's biggest fans, you can also find a wide range of Abu Garcia fishing accessories, which can be as practical as they are stylish, to wear the colours of this trendy brand. Bags, mounts, covers, clothing, all the products you need to make your life beautiful on the water.

As you can see, the Abu Garcia brand is a benchmark in many areas for all anglers. Choosing their products is and will remain a guarantee of quality and regular pleasure once you're on the water.

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