This brand Fiiish was born from the creation of a soft bait called the fiiish black minnow. This model quite simply revolutionised bass fishing in Brittany at first, before extending its range and conquering the whole of France.

Comprising a body, hook and sinker, the articulated system enabled all anglers to go after fish in hostile environments without getting hooked. The Fiiish black minnow was born as a must-have in every tackle box.

Building on its success, the newly-created brand went on to develop new colours and series. These include the Black Minnow combo, which anglers have been snapping up, and which now comes in 5 lengths rather than just one size. More recently, the Fiiish Maxi Combo and the Fiiish double combo have appeared.

So as not to stagnate, the fiiish range of soft lures has seen new colours introduced every year, as well as new models. Innovation has always been at the forefront of developments. These include the crazy sand eel combo and the small fiiish power tail trout lure.

As you will have realised, fishing with Fiiish is a bit of French fishing, but it also gives you the best chance of catching fish on a regular basis.

The different ranges made in Brittany

Fiiish is not just about black minnow combos. It's also a whole range of different products designed by fishermen for fishermen.

First of all, there's an interesting choice of soft lures Fiiish. There are a number of models that clearly set the standard. The Black Minnow Fiiish should be mentioned as the first reference.

It's a must-have lure that holds a few of the great fishing legends under its rubber. More on this magical lure later.

The Fiiish Crazy Sand eel is the brand's second creation. It's a sand eel imitation that offers a rather minimalist vibration. It is designed to incorporate a rattle.

It will emit small rattles as it swims, giving the same sound as the movement of a small fish. This soft bait is available as a crazy sand eel combo.

The mud digger is one of Fiiish's latest creations. This small soft bait has the particularity of having the paddle reversed. It has been designed to easily attract both perch and pike-perch. The range of colours covers a wide range of uses.

The latest addition to the family of soft lures is the Black Eel, which uses the anti-weed design of the Fiiish Black Minnow. Its inverted paddle will also ensure a different approach to your spots, especially during the descent phases.

But the brand doesn't stop there. Swimfish models Fiiish have also seen the light of day in recent years. The first of these was Fiiish Power Tail. This long-awaited lure has been a real hit with anglers.

It comes in a range of lengths and densities. This means it can be used on a variety of predators, depending on the colours chosen.

Once again, the little extra comes from innovation. The tail of the lure acts as a bib. This makes the Fiiish Power tail a benchmark model for trout, but not the only one.

Even more recently, new lures have been launched and accessories have been designed to reflect the brand's respect for anglers.

The essential Black Minnow soft bait

It was thanks to this lure that the whole Fiiish adventure, and the success we know so well, came to fruition in 2008. It was the result of the passion of an angler looking for a product that was made for him, for his fishing. I guess he finally found a soft bait that would suit a lot of anglers.

The Fiiish Black Minnow is made up of 3 essential components. The first is a single Texas hook. The second essential element is the jig head, which will have a particular shape to integrate the articulated system. The last element is the body, which must take into account the first two elements.

The body will come in sizes ranging from 7cm to 20cm. This means it can be used for a wide range of fishing applications in both sea and freshwater. Even though the black minnow combo has become a benchmark for sea bass, it has also become a model of choice for many anglers who fish for minnows, trout and pike.

Its hook plays another essential role with its presence. Its shape allows it to hide inside the fiiish soft bait. Its point will emerge quickly on striking and remain well hidden when passing through obstacles. This will be a very interesting opportunity to fish in difficult spots.

With the aim of democratising its use, fiiish has developed numerous pack models to offer you all these elements in the same box. You will of course find the classic and famous fiiish black minnow combo, but also fiiish maxi combo or fiiish double combo.

Weight heads Fiiish

To easily understand the weight of a fiiish soft bait, you need to imagine what you want to do with your lure and especially at what depths you want to fish.

You'll find 6 different names now to equip your different lure models. You'll find shallow, shore, search, off shore, deep and X-deep heads. The Fiiish weight heads will all have a different usage profile.

Shallow heads are designed for shallow fishing or when you need to get over obstacles easily without casting too fast. Shores are the perfect choice for fishing from the shore. The Search model has a head profile that tilts the lure to give the impression of a fish feeding on the bottom.

The off shore head is the most popular choice for boat anglers. It excels in vertical fishing, but also works well in linear fishing. Deep heads are clearly designed for vertical fishing at great depths or to easily hold the current.

Finally, the X Deep offers a rapid descent to the bottom to avoid certain fish between 2 waters. They are denser and larger.

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