Pike fishing equipment

French predator anglers are certainly the most attached to pike fishing. A very popular species in the same way as the pike-perch, this fish is part of every angler's dream, especially if you're talking about specimens that can exceed a metre in length.

To catch them in the best possible conditions, you need special fishing equipment. The profile of this predator demands it. It has the particularity of having 700 very sharp teeth. The pike or beak can also weigh more than 10kg and has a powerful defence system that can destroy unsuitable equipment.

Rods, reels and fishinghooks will all be vital to your success. Their choice will of course depend on the techniques you use, which tend to change as the season progresses. Your fishing style will also have a direct influence on the choices you make. The size of a rod, the capacity of a reel or the diameter of a line will all be essential technical points to master.

However, like many predator fish, our national federation 's regulations on rivers and lakes require you to take a break from stalking. This is when the fish reproduce, so you can still hope to have plenty of fish to catch when the seasonopens.

As you will have realised, lure fishing and still life fishing have their subtleties, as does the search for another species. Venturing out onto the banks of whitewater, a lake or a river is not something you do at random. We'll help you decipher what you need to stalk these specimens and their razor-sharp teeth.

Thousands of lures for pike fishing

It may seem like a huge number, but there are thousands of lures available for pike fishing alone. You'll be surprised by the different families of lures available, all of which are really effective.

Soft lures have been the most successful in recent years. At ease in all spots, river or lake, they come in many shapes and actions. Pike stalking with lures is appreciated not only for their wide variety, but also for their economy.

They're affordable, easy to use and, what's more, they're easy to reattach and hook. (Please note that strict rules are laid down by the fishing federation). To help you better understand our pike lure catalogue, we've prepared an article on the best brands of pike lures.

Hard bait are the benchmark. Enduring and offering specific actions, they can make the difference in many situations. We love their ability to move a lot of water in lakes, for example, or to stand between two bodies of water. Jerkbait, crankbait and jerk minnow are all available in different sizes and weights.

Spoons have almost always been the benchmark. Spinning or undulating, they are a lifesaver for many of us. They will enable a novice angler to make his first catches and the more experienced to push their use to an art form. The Irish know all about them, and this is true throughout the fishing season.

Other lures are also plentiful. These include chatterbaits, spinnerbaits and jigs. Surface lures will not be outdone.

They have become an important part of modern fishing thanks to the democratisation of fishing for other species, particularly black bass and pike-perch. They will provide effective fishing in very crowded areas.

Pike can be fished with both casting and spinning rods

Modern fishing has taken over in many areas of our equipment. Fishing rods are no exception. There are two main styles: casting and spinning. Once the season opens, it's time to choose your pike rods.

Historically, these latter models are the ones we generally used in France. They offer a number of advantages. You can count on long casting distances.

The long lengths and actions mean you can reach over 100m with the right equipment. It's also a good choice for light fishing, as it's much easier to handle and cast with the right finesse blanks.

Casting models for pike fishing are more modern. They have other qualities. They excel at casting and animating large lures, for example.

And when you're after pike, that's very important. You'll be able to propel big baits weighing over 100 or even 200g with ease.

Once you've chosen your model, you'll need to pay attention to the details of its characteristics. Blank lengths will depend on casting distances and techniques. Power refers to the weight of the lures you will be using. The action, size and length of the handle will be additional factors in your choice.

A solid, durable reel for pike fishing

Another important point when looking for this species will be the characteristics of the pike reel. Whether casting or spinning, it needs to be strong and designed for the purpose. Without the right choice, your reel will only give you satisfaction for a short time. It will quickly become a handful, both when using heavy lures and when fighting.

For light fishing, you'll need to pay particular attention to the power of the drag on offer. Just because you're going to fish with small lures doesn't mean you should skimp on the drag. Below 5-6kg, it will be difficult to envisage a calm fight.

The capacity of your reel will also be an argument to be weighed in the balance. You can't envisage too little reserve. That would mean running the risk of losing the pike and your entire line when fighting large fish.

The power range is also very important. At the moment, manufacturers don't give much information on this. However, it's starting to become the norm.

We should be able to offer you this kind of information more regularly. You'll be able to find out quickly whether a particular model of casting reel is suitable for the type of fishing you intend to use it for.

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