Soft Pike Lure: A huge choice

Pike fishing calls for specific equipment if you want them to bite. You'll need to choose your rod, reel, line and lure for pike. Your choice of lure will depend on how you want to animate it. Remember also to choose a colour that is suited to the waters you will be fishing in.

To do this as wisely as possible, you can choose from a range of soft pike lures in a variety of colours. Grubs, shads and swimbaits are all terms you're already familiar with. All you have to do is choose the size that suits your ambitions.

Anglers can target lures between 8 and 12 cm to be versatile. You'll also be able to catch big perch and zander. Sizes above 12 to 16cm will target almost all pike. Beyond that, you'll be targeting trophy fish with big vibrations.

To make the right selection from the huge choice we offer, you'll need to ask yourself a few questions. Do you fish lakes or rivers? Do you prefer mountains and clear water or plains and tinted water? Fast or slow moving?

These are just some of the questions that will help us to advise you on which model to choose. There are no set rules, but some feedback from the season has already proved their worth, both in terms of colour and shape.

All you'll need to do then is rig your lure with a hook and think about using fluorocarbon to counter the sharp teeth. It shouldn't take long for the bites to come... If not, our range is wide enough for you to try your luck again.

Which lure model?

Pike fishing has changed dramatically over the last 3 decades. The arrival of the lure on the market and its evolution have led to a different way of fishing for many anglers.

Shads are probably the most popular. They offer the possibility of fishing for this species, but you won't be able to catch either a perch or a zander with them. Its versatility makes it an easy lure to tame. You'll find it easy to get bites.

The size will then allow you to select your target. The same goes for the colours, which will cover the tint of your water or blend in with the light.

Grubs or commas are also a must-have. They come in a wide range of sizes and will all be successful depending on what you're looking for. They are generally used by anglers for slow swims.

The double grub or double tail is a variation of this first model and will also be very interesting. They are increasingly common on lures that have already been rigged.

The less popular Jerkminnow has a lot to offer in certain techniques. Lovers of vertical and pelagic fishing know that these are sometimes the only lures that will do the job.

Their fine tail vibrations, caused by the speed of the drift or the current, will pick off any fish that come too close to the rig.

There are many other ranges that will allow you to easily cover your entire fishing season, and regularly measure yourself against the teeth of your favourite predator.

How do you go about making the right choice?

We're going to try and give you some advice to help you make your first choices. But it's your experience, based on how you feel and what you've been doing, that's the key to making the right choice.

The time of year in which you fish is also important. Winter fishing is slow fishing. You'll need to opt for models that stir up water even at low speeds.

Bear in mind that fish are poikilothermic. This means that their body temperature is roughly the same as that of the water. Its metabolism therefore decreases with temperature. You will therefore need to adapt your animation.

If you're looking for a record fish, don't hesitate to go over 20 cm. Pike are gluttons and prey over a third of their size doesn't scare them. They will easily take them sideways or even by the head. You'll need to place your hook and fluorocarbon carefully.

On the other hand, if your aim is just to touch fish, don't fish too big. You may even catch other species of predator in the process.

Finally, the colourama is the last important point. Here too, your experience will come first. It is generally said that bright colours are used in tinted water and clear water, or even natural colours in clear water.

The big names in pike soft lures.

Europe is the biggest supplier of this type of lure in the world. It is quite simply the density of this fish in our waters that has led Europeans to develop a large number of products. A few major brands stand out from the rest for their innovation.

Fox Rage has clearly bet on this species. The Replicant is clearly a typical example of the lure we love. It has come in many shapes and sizes, and has always been a hit.

Westin Fishing, the Danish brand, is not to be outdone. It offers entire series of lures just for pike. Its Mike The Pike, Tommy The Trout and Shad Teez lures have been winning over anglers since they first appeared in France.

In the same spirit, we feel it's essential to mention Savage Gear. The brand has capitalized on the pike trend to make a name for itself throughout the industry. We don't think there's a single European lake that hasn't seen a 3D Trout or 4D Trout swimming around.

Abu Garcia, through the Pure Fishing group, offers you typical Northern European products. Svartzonker has helped with the design and often produces products that are just as beautiful and innovative from one year to the next.

Finally, Daiwa has been pushing hard in recent years to bring you its Prorex range. Clearly aimed at this species of fish, the collection develops products exclusively for Europe, so you can have lures that are perfectly suited to our waters.

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