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Pike are powerful fish. When it comes to pike fishing, there are a number of sets to choose from. Pike can be fished with a variety of sizes and types of lure, so choosing the right rig can be tricky.


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What is a pike fishing outfit?

A set for pike fishing must be strong enough to withstand the force that this fish can exert. Pike can be fished in a variety of ways, so there are different types of pike tackle.

In all cases, a pike rig must have enough reserve power to keep the fight under control.

For optimum fishing comfort, it's important that the rod hasrings big enough to allow large braids and fluorocarbons to pass through.

What's more, a knob that's long enough will allow you to reach long casting distances: this is an important quality for line fishing to ensure that your lure stays at the desired fishing depth for as long as possible.

How do I choose?

When choosing a set for pike fishing, look for rods with large guides and a fairly long pommel. Then, as with any other set, ask yourself what techniques you want to use.

For example: A long rod with a good power reserve will be perfectly suited to drag fishing with a rig fitted with suitablehooks. Thanks to its length, you'll be able to keep control of your lure on the way down. This means you can strike faster and miss fewer fish.

On the other hand, you want to fish for pike with big crankbaits. Fibreglass rods with a parabolic action guarantee fewer stalls.