Pike fishing rod

If ever there was a king fish in our land, it would be our friend Esox, who requires very special pike fishing equipment to be caught effectively. In fact, there are a number of more or less remote fishing techniques for predators, allowing anglers to adapt to their targets.

So it's important to choose the right equipment for pike fishing if you want maximum performance. You'll find plenty of suitable reels and rods in our catalogue.

As a general rule, you should go for a multi-purpose rod, around 2m10 in length and with a regular fast action, so you'll be equipped to deal with a wide range of situations during your sessions.


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Casting Rod Abu Garcia Orra
Casting Rod Abu Garcia Orra

Casting Rod Abu Garcia Orra

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Casting rods

Traditionally, a rod spinning rod is used for pike fishing. But casting rods have now proved their worth, offering an extremely interesting alternative that is particularly popular with the new generation of anglers.

More modern, they bring a breath of fresh air and new, ever more sophisticated technologies, making predator fishing even more enjoyable. You'll benefit from the power and casting range of these lures.

Lures are easy to animate and once you've mastered how to use a casting reel, it's pure bliss.

In you'll find many models ideal for esox fishing, single or multi-strand, depending on the brand.

The savage gear range is very well stocked and will ensure you find the model that fully meets your needs. The SG2 carbon fibre rods are the most affordable of the range, while the Power Game is dedicated to fishing for the most violent predators. If you want the best the Danish brand has to offer, look no further than the SG4.

The equipment presented by Sakura and Fox Rage are also very good solutions for equipping yourself at lower cost while not neglecting the quality of the finish. The is ideal for swimbaits and Prism X series casts for the fox brand Fox.

More experienced anglers will be delighted with brands such as Dobyns, St Croix, G. Loomis, DEPS and Westin. Their high quality models will satisfy the need for precision, resonance and power that may be required when fishing for predators.

Spinning rods

These rods will be tough enough to cope with the power of their specially designed blanks. The casting range will also be designed so that you can propel and animate suitable lures. This equipment is ideal for pike fishing.

The brands offer a wide range of models that are highly versatile, allowing you to use a variety of techniques.

Virtually all fishing brands have positioned themselves in the pike fishing tackle segment.

There's something for everyone, and beginners will be happy with a rod daiwa prorex S or the Warrior Medium Spin from Fox Rage. All the same, these rods are equipped with some of the latest technology from their respective brands, making them particularly effective and erasing any feeling of being entry-level.

For those of you who want the cream of the crop, you can fall back on the big names in the field such as Simth and its Koz Expedition, Megabass, Westin and its W10, G. Loomis, Tenryu, pezon et Michel... You'll have in your hands a jewel designed for fishing the most violent predators or the finest such as zander. You'll get the very best, but you'll have to pay the price.

Other types of rod

For adventurous anglers and travellers, there are travel rods specially designed to fish for predators such as pike. These rods benefit from the same advantages as the classic models, with carbon instead of fibreglass, the latest technology, and so on.

These multi-section rods have the advantage of being easy to slip into a rucksack, suitcase or trunk thanks to their compact size. You'll be able to travel the world without worrying about the extra costs of a traditional casting rod.

The brands' research and development has enabled them to make up for lost time in terms of technology. Today, you'll hardly notice the difference in action, power and sensitivity when compared with a single-strand model when it comes to predator fishing.

There's a wide range of brands to choose from. At 13 Fishing, you'll find the Fate Quest, available in both casting and spinning versions. All the American brand's paraphernalia is equipped for simply perfect performance at an affordable price of one hundred euros, and the limited space available means you can slip it into your bag.

In France, you can of course count on Pezon & Michelbut it's Sakura that has caught our eye the most with the Casting rod Bidaia, which does a monstrous job at a price that's accessible to novice anglers.

The more demanding anglers will also find superior equipment from brands such as Hearty Rise and its Bass Force, DEPS and its Huge Custom and Golden Mean and its Deep Core Monster 610. The comfort of use and performance will reach a whole new level. You won't even realise that you've just pulled out this magnificent 8kg exo with a multi-strand rod..

Abu Garcia is also doing very well with models designed in collaboration with the great Laconneli Ike. You'll enjoy a 3-strand design and a more than exemplary quality of finish for a maximum footprint of 70cm. Look out for the signature 703 in the M/MH and M/ML versions.

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