Pike lure: A vast choice of thousands of references

Pike lures come in many different shapes and colours. Swimbaits, soft lures, spoons and many others can be part of this wide selection for pike fishing.

There are no strict rules for classifying this assortment of lures in this category. But there are a number of aspects that can be taken into account, such as size and colour. There are many differences with pike-perch fishing, for example.

Pike is certainly the most noble species in our waters in the eyes of the French angler . It's the one that all my fans look for when they're out on the water. This predator can regularly exceed one metre in length, and is one of the dreams and hopes of many of us.

There's no particular season for pike, and no predictable areas. You can stalk them in lakes or rivers with lures or prey. The secret may lie in theanimation you use. The choice of lure will also be important. Your prey will no longer hold any secrets for you: the season, the water, the animation, and so on.

Swimbaits and jerkbaits should be targeted to make the prey react in cold weather. Surface lures can be used in warmer weather or to avoid weed beds. This will allow you to take advantage of spectacular attacks.

We're going to show you the different models you'll find on our pages. All that's left for you to do is get your rod and a strong fishing line and try them out.

Pike swimmer: all shapes and sizes

As we said in the introduction, lures can be very varied. The category of pike fishing lures is no exception, with numerous sub-families. They will all have specific features that make them suitable for this or that situation.

Jerkbaits can be used for shallow fishing in very specific areas. Swimbaits are equally at home in shallow areas or for more shallow fishing. You can also use crankbaits with large lips to go down several metres. This way you can dislodge big fish.

Other types of hard bait can also be effective on pike. These include lures such as stickbaits and poppers. And jerk minnows will not be outdone for linear fishing. Finally, you'll also be able to take advantage of technical developments. This will be an opportunity to try out a hybrid lure.

A huge choice of soft lures for pike

The number of models of soft lures has exploded with the democratisation of plastic. Cheaper and easier to use, they can be used in any hand and are highly successful from the very first retrieve in lakes and rivers. There's no better season to use them than all year round.

There are two main families of soft lures for pike fishing. The shad type can be used for many techniques. This is the modern lure par excellence that will make it easy for any angler to catch their first pike. They are available in sizes ranging from a few centimetres to several dozen centimetres.

The second benchmark lure in this category is the grub, or comma. Different brands have come up with different versions. But it's the same type of action that you'll be offered. This lure will be perfect for slow fishing and can offer an interesting solution for using it on an unplumbed surface.

Colours are also an integral part of the choice. Some models come in more than a dozen colours. Don't forget to adapt to your fishing conditions.

Pike with a spinning or undulating spoon

This is probably one of the oldest techniques on offer. That doesn't mean it hasn't been one of the most effective for many years. Pike spinner models have come a long way since the technique was first developed. Lure manufacturers now play with shapes and materials to achieve highly variable spinning and sinking speeds.

The spinning spoon is a must-have for all anglers. Very easy to use, this is the lure that will catch all species. Pike on a spinner is one of them, but you'll still be able to hook a nice fish, whether it's a perch or a pike-perch.

There's nothing complicated about the animation. All you have to do is cast and retrieve your line in a linear fashion. You can vary your swimming depth according to your retrieve speed or the current in whitewater. The positioning of your rod will also have a major impact.

The undulating spoon is less commonly used because it is more technical. However, it is a fantastic choice for flushing out pike that have not been hooked by your other lures. To ensure success, cast far enough out and try to drop your spoon as deep as possible.

All you then need to do is make a very wide upward movement and control the descent of your spoon. The bite should come during this phase and your prey will only be a spin away.

Spinnerbait fishing for pike

This is a modern technique that still isn't used enough. Yet it's a fantastic opportunity to fish in places that are far from easy. Spinnerbaits have a natural ease of passing through weed beds or obstacles without getting hung up.

This type of lure comes to us straight from the United States. They were originally designed by the Americans to target black bass. The brands have had to develop these pike spinnerbait models to make them more compatible with our European fishing methods and imitate their prey.

To achieve this, a number of technical points have been changed. The diameters of the piano wire have been increased to avoid excessive deformation when striking and fighting. The size of the paddles has been increased to make predators react. We've also increased the weights to go deeper and drastically increased the length and opening of the hook.

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