The brand Daiwa Aims to be one of the benchmarks for the design of fishing equipment. Known all over the world, it has its origins in the post-war period,in 1958 in Japan.

Since then, the brand has continued to develop newnew ranges of rod, of reel with innovative technologies and new technologies. Our products Daiwa is not limited to the usual fishing tackle. The brand also offersa selection of luggage and accessoriesTo meet the increasingly technical needs of fishermen.

Made in Japan Initially, the need to offer more affordable products led the brand to export part of its production to Asian countries with cheaper labour. Visit top of the range Continues to be japanese manufacturing, whose expertise and technical skills are well known.

You'll find a wide range of products in the different series, which may correspond to a particular universe. Some ranges of rods are more sea-oriented, while a reel Daiwa Freams Or reel Daiwa Prorex Can be used more specifically for research into theTroutOr the pike-perch fishing. The spinning reels Will be more oriented towards jigging and black bass; and the reel Daiwa Saltist Intended for sea fishing.

Choose the brand Daiwa, it's also a guarantee of quality and confidence in a brand that is an expert in the field fishing world. Company Daiwa France, the French subsidiary, offers a very high standard of after-sales service. It is one of the few companies in the fishing marketTo have a centre dedicated to repairing products designed for fishing that come back from retailers.

Daiwa retains spare parts for years after product discontinuations, so that we can respond to requests for older products to which we may sometimes be very attached.


To help you find your way around our products Daiwa, in addition, the brand has created a number of sub-brands that group together products for the same use. For example, there are specific series for the sea or freshwater, for fishing a particular species of fish or for specific techniques.

The Prorex range has been specifically developed for predator fishing in Europe. It includes products for stalking pike, perch and, increasingly, black bass. You'll find specific lures such as individual soft lures, series of rods and reels Daiwa prorex.

The Emeraldas product series is also a range in its own right. Developed for cephalopod research in Japan, certain products are available in France to enable you to fish for cuttlefish and squid. The brand's expertise in these techniques is nothing short of impressive, and the addition of SVF carbon on certain rods enhances the overall effect.

You will also find other series or ranges of products that can be associated with particular techniques or simply price orders. Here are some examples, Daiwa Black Widow will be aimed at carp anglers, the Crossfire series will be aimed at entry-level anglers, while the Exceler range will be aimed at a wide range of anglers who like good value for money. If you're looking for excellence made in Japan, you'll want to look no further than the Saltiga, Luvias, Certate and Exist ranges.


Daiwa has a very broad reputation in many areas of expertise, particularly in the design of rod series. Based around a unique blank design, the brand has set itself apart from the competition thanks to HVF technology and, more recently, SVF carbon equipped with rings that are sometimes of a more modern design Daiwa. This series of rods fitted with guides is ideal for fishing a wide range of fish species

A range of canes Daiwa can be made up of numerous models with different characteristics. For example, you can choose from a range of Spitfire Seabass for mackerel fishing in kayaks, or a more powerful rod capable of taking a lot of power in a fight.

You'll also find casting rods for modern lure fishing. A good number of spinning rods for all types of fine fishing will give you an idea of all the expertise you need Daiwa.

More powerful and longer models are designed for shore fishing. Highly tactile rods fitted with AGS guides for zander fishing demonstrate the brand's creativity. The range of rods is extensive: surfcasting rods, support rods, trout rods, etc.

To help you make the best choice for your rod or series, Daiwa has put together some essential technical specifications to help you. You'll find the following information on all our product sheets: lengths, dimensions, power ratings, actions and number of rings.


As with the rest of the range, there is a wide variety of reels Daiwa with exemplary finishes and a wide range of uses. Its expertise has enabled the brand to become one of, if not THE global benchmark for quality and reliability.

Spinning reels Daiwa are certainly the best-sellers and are among the brand's flagship products. Here, too, you'll find totally innovative technologies that make your reels even more comfortable to use.

A Fuego LT reel, a Ninja LT reel or even a Daiwa Freams, for example, will be great companions for the game, benefiting from a reduction in weight and very interesting sizes to balance your sets as well as possible. These technological advances have been made without any loss of power or strength.

Spinning reels Daiwa are also benchmarks, especially for predator anglers. Zillion, Tatula and Laguna are household names around the world. They also offer unique expertise. You'll particularly appreciate the systems they've developed for casting further and further, and the models they offer that can propel both small and heavy weights.

Reels are also legends at Daiwa. Used by the best specialists and the most demanding anglers, you'll find reels that have already proved their worth and that will be able to provide you with both reliability and power. The reel ranges Daiwa Saltist or Saltiga will be the best known.

There are other reel series that use other techniques. You'll benefit from the same design qualities, as with the Daiwa Black Widow for carp

Choosing a reel Daiwa is a guarantee of quality and reliability that you will rarely find from other manufacturers.


We offer a wide range of rods and reels for lure fishing for predators, Daiwa has been somewhat obliged to develop series of lures for all fishing techniques. The result is a wide range of models with very specific characteristics that can be used to target certain species of fish.

You'll find international ranges, as well as specific ranges for the French market. Colours, models and sizes will be created to meet the needs of French anglers and the fish in our waters.

Almost all the ranges of lures Daiwa that we can offer you in general. Swimbaits in the European and Japanese ranges offer alternatives for both sea and freshwater. Soft lures Daiwa will not be outdone. There are models specifically for black bass fishing, as well as large sizes for pike and much smaller designs for perch.

Finally, the development of the brand in France has pushed Daiwa is now offering spinnerbaits, rubberjigs, sea jigs and a whole range of fishing accessories designed to perfect your fishing techniques. These include technical sinkers and Braid Grande X8 braid

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