Daiwa rod: Unique Japanese expertise

A Daiwa fishingrod is a high-quality product of Japanese origin. It will often have benefited from unique expertise, thanks to a leading group in the fishing industry. The brand is also known for its reels, lines and swimming fish and hooks.

The techniques practised by anglers are particularly varied, especially on a global scale. From quiver fishing to carp fishing, from simple rods to floats, there's a range to suit every need.

You'll also find ranges for bait fishing. Trout, small white fish and surfcasting are all covered. You'll also find collections for sea and boat fishing, as well as street fishing and rockfishing.

But the Daiwa brand is also, and above all, about lure techniques andinnovation. Whether it's casting or spinning, you'll find a huge choice where innovation is constantly pushing back the boundaries of what's possible. Reliability and solidity are always the direction sought by the brand.

With such a wide range to choose from, you'll need to think carefully about your needs. A number of factors need to be taken into account to ensure that your sessions are as close as possible to what you're looking for.

The braking power required, the desired length, the casting power or the quality or number offittings are all points that need to be matched to your practice.

In the same way as buyinghooks or even clothing, your investment will need to be totally tailored to you. This will ensure that you enjoy a rare level of comfort and pleasure every day of fishing, both in the animations and in the combat phases.

The different ranges of rods Daiwa

To better guide anglers in their choice, the brand has opted for rod names with which users can easily become familiar. You'll find rods to cover everything from hard bait to carp and quiver fishing.

You can also count on models for fishing with natural baits. You'll be delighted to be able to rely on a quality blank that's perfectly suited to your search and the profile of your river.

For trout fishing with lures, you can rely on the ultra light series. Two or three series that are always very light and perfectly suited to the profile of our French fishing areas.

Daiwa we also offer a range of rods for dead-handling. Ultra famous with its Shogun models that have cradled entire generations with their quality, you'll find all the knowledge and innovation in this field.

More modern in use, the vertical is not left out with some very light and at the same time very sensitive foils to thwart the suspicion of pike perch and pike.

Of course, the influence of the Japanese and American markets can also be felt in the castings. Numerous and often designed for our market, you can count on excellent reliability and quality products.

The spinning series is undoubtedly the most important. With ranges of more than 10 or 15 models, you'll quickly find what you're looking for for all freshwater lure fishing. Whether you're fishing from shore or from a boat, it shouldn't take you long to find what you're looking for.

The Japanese brand has also developed a number of multi-strands. Whether you're travelling or just looking for a small, compact lure, you'll be able to rely on the major advances in jointing, thanks in particular to V Joint technology.

You'll also find everything you need for sea fishing. You'll find everything from casting techniques to rock fishing, jigging, slow jigging and surfcasting.

You'll also find models for fishing where the drag is measured in tens of kilos. If you're looking for tarpon, red carp, trevally or even tuna, you'll need equipment that's up to the job, and Daiwa can provide it without a hitch.

How do I choose the right equipment?

The technique to be used will be the first important aspect. It's important to have a model that's designed to fish the way you want. You will often be less effective with unsuitable equipment. The line will often be too thin or too thick, leaving little chance for the hook to be effective.

The second point is, of course, the budget. Depending on your regularity at the water's edge, you'll need to go in one direction or another. With 2 or 3 sessions a year, it won't be essential to invest, whereas regular anglers will need top-of-the-range equipment and regular maintenance to last over time.

Next, you'll need to consider the various technical aspects of the rod, depending on how you use it:

- The length to adapt it to your fishing route. Shorter lengths are better for fishing from a boat, and longer ones are better for long distance casting

- Casting or spinning. Again, depending on your use. Rather spinning for small lures and casting distances and rather casting for big bait and fishing with lures that pull.

- The casting range. This ensures that you have the blank to match the lures you want to use. Be careful not to overload when casting to avoid breaking your set.

- The action is one of the last points. It will ensure that the lure is in the best swimming condition. A fast or extra fast action for soft lures, medium fast for hard lures, regular for cranks etc etc.

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