Lures for predator fishing

For several years now, lure fishing has been one of the most popular techniques for stalking predators. Both modern and dynamic, it has succeeded in bringing a whole generation of young anglers to the water's edge and helping older anglers get back into the sport of pike-perch and pike. To achieve this, the major fishing brands have created a wide range of models to cover all the situations you might encounter on the water.

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Swimming fish, spoons and surface poppers will help you comb through all the layers of water. Depending on the size, colour and shape of the fish, anglers will be able to target different species. You'll need to learn how to animate your rod and retrieve at different speeds to maximise your success.

Once you've mastered these aspects, you'll discover a world you never dared dream about. The bites will quickly become more numerous and you'll quickly understand how to rig and use your new baits. All you have to do is spend a few hours on the water, learn how to rig a line, watch a few video clips and believe in yourself. The first fish will soon be caught and you'll be hooked on the technique and the singing reel brake. In the eyes of the fish, you'll become a master of illusion, whether on the water or in a boat.

Lure brands

There are many, if not many, of them. Having been democratised over the last two decades, lure fishing has attracted the interest of many manufacturers around the globe. And when you look at them today, the different brands each have their own specific characteristics, depending on the country they come from and the species they target.

American brands such as Booyah, Dobyns and Yum will mainly target black bass. This is their benchmark, as it is so prevalent in their waters.

On the Japanese side, big names like Smith, Evergreen and Illex will have more varieties to choose from. You'll find black bass, but also models targeting trout or marine species such as sea bass. In fact, we've written a great article telling you all about it. quel leurre choisir pour le bar. Animation, colours and lines will no longer hold any secrets for you, so let's hear it!

In Europe, thanks to brands such as Delalande, Fox Rage and Svartzonker, the choice will be totally different. Pike and perch will be the main species targeted, with models of the profile and size needed to appeal to them. Find all the details on the choix de votre leurre brochet on our website. As you can see, there's a huge choice, and our references now number in the tens of thousands, because each soft lure will naturally come in its own range of colours and lengths.

Soft lures in all their many forms

leurre souple
La pêche au leurre souple is certainly the most popular concept of recent years. It is both easy to animate, if you have the right rod, and very economical. It generally needs to be rigged with one or more hooks, although some models come fully rigged.

There are several main families. Swimbaits or shads will generally be cast and retrieved in the classic way on almost all predators, sea and freshwater included. The finesse shape, with fine or V-shaped tails, is more suited to pelagic or vertical pike-perch fishing. We have many other models to fit on your line for all the techniques you want to use.

Swimming fish and its highly technical nature

poisson nageur pêche
Forsaken in recent years in favour of the soft lure, the hard lure is making a strong comeback. The pêche au poisson nageur is particularly popular for its ecological credentials and particularly long lifespan. Different names are used depending on the type of swimming action, depth and whether or not the lure has a lip. Poppers, for example, are designed for the surface, while crankbaits descend to different water depths depending on the length of the lip and its angle. You'll find them on our shelves at all prices and in all lengths, at illex for example.

Sea jigs and freshwater jigs

This is a confusion that some practitioners may have. The two terms are identical, but they don't mean the same thing. Les jigs pour l’eau douce is more commonly known by specialists as the Rubberjig. It comes from the United States and is a lead head fitted with a silicone skirt. It targets perch and black bass. Les Jigs Mer will be a piece of metal given a particular look and colour. You'll often use it on a technique called jigging from a boat. It can also be cast and retrieved like any other rig, and this is called a casting jig.

Fishing in weeds and obstacles with a spinnerbait

La technique du spinnerbait is once again a creation that comes to us from the United States and the search for black bass. It's a modern version of the spinner. Its main advantage is its ability to slip through without snagging on grass or obstacles. There's a choice of models.

The shape of the paddles plays a very important role, as does their animation and the speed of your reel. The rounder the paddle, the slower you can fish, and the longer the paddle, the faster you can fish. You'll be able to target virtually all species of predator, including perch and even catfish.

Chatterbait vibrations

Little known in France and even in Europe in general, le chatterbait is one of those must-haves that you just can't get enough of. It is made up of a flat paddle that is positioned in front of a lead head fitted with a skirt. It can be brought back in a linear fashion or be interrupted by pauses. To increase its attractiveness, some of you will add a trailer such as a shad, a crayfish or a creature.

You will be targeting species from all horizons. Black bass will be your first target. European brands have developed heavier, larger models to enable you to offer this chatterbait to catfish. The results are very good.

The spoon, a French savoir-faire

A source of pride for the entire French fishing world, la cuiller ou la cuillère is a creation that was made in France. Since then, it has continued to be made in France, and one of the biggest companies exports all over the world. It's very popular, and everyone has used a spoon, whether it's a spinning spoon or a wobbling spoon.

It's another all-purpose concept that will allow you to catch all kinds of predators. The smaller ones are designed for trout or perch. The bigger ones will quickly attract big predators or catfish weighing several dozen kilos.

Other lures not to be forgotten

Some techniques have also required the creation of very specific models. For example, catching cephalopods such as squid led brands to create the turluttes, a kind of hard lure with a hook replaced by baskets and a cloth body.

That's how we come up with special innovations for the long haul, for example lames vibrantes, tail spinner, streamers .... So many inventions to limit the use of baits that will allow you to always control the illusion and make the carnivore you are targeting react quickly.