Vibrating blade

The concept behind the vibrating blade is quite simple. By simply retrieving your line, you create a very short lateral movement that is repeated rapidly. The repetition of these movements will produce vibrations of varying strength depending on the model and the speed of your lure. This lure is typically used to attack fish that will quickly come to defend their territory or to feed. It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Be careful, however, when choosing the hooks you use.

Different techniques with a vibrating blade

You've probably noticed that vibrating blades have several holes in the back. There are usually 2, 3 or 4 of them. They will allow you to make your lure vibrate in different ways and to offer different animations to predators. The middle or central holes are generally used for jigging, while the other holes are used for linear retrieves.

Lure fishing

Predator fishing can be done with lures that imitate the movement of small fish and other prey that predators attack by reflex. Lures are used in both sea and freshwater to help catch fish.

The different categories of lures are: hard bait, soft bait, spinners, surface lures, jigs, etc. Vibrating blades are among the most commonly used lures today. The quality of a lure is defined by its ability to imitate its prey (its colour and movements in particular).

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