Soft bait for predator fishing

Fishing for soft lures has evolved considerably in recent years. As a result, it has seen many fishing techniques to develop in response to the mistrust of fish.

The development of this practice is linked to the expansion of the catalogue of lures available on today's market. Thanks to its success, it has been able to take advantage of the democratisation of plastics to offer low-cost solutions and thus become an essential weapon for the fishermen. Available individually or in soft lure kits, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Mounted on a jig head, these little pieces of gum come in a wide variety of shapes. You'll find models looking for To resemble existing prey like the Offshore black minnow, a soft bait Fiiish or the soft bait weapon Delalande Neo.

Manufacturers also offer models that are concerned solely with the vibrations emitted in the water, such as the megabass x layer or the soft bait weapon Delalande Swat. You can also find models bathed in attractant, which appeal to the olfactory side, such as the soft bait Sawamura. Finally, you can count on soft lures already weightS like Savage gear Rattle Trout, Savage Gear 4D Rattle, Fiiish double combo or the flexible weaponDaiwa spintail to get you up and running quickly.

Next fish species or the environments you're looking for once you're on the water, it's essential to make the right choice to enable you to be effective.

Dozens of brands of soft lures

The democratisation of soft lure manufacturing techniques has enabled many brands to gain access to design and manufacture. Today, it's rare not to find a brand or sub-brand of a group offering a few models or a whole series of products. However, there are certain differences depending on the areas in which they are designed.

In Japan, you can rely on the technical aspect of product development. Very concerned about efficiency and the environment, the Japanese prefer to pay a certain price and enjoy high quality. Brands such as Deps, , OSP, soft lures Megabass or even Reins are the delight of all Japanese anglers with original versions and real applied research into actions and strokes. Other soft lures include Sawamura for their formidable effectiveness.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the United States has an almost diametrically opposed vision. The lure is therefore a consumable. The pockets need to be well-stocked to interest these anglers.

The design is less technical, but the efficiency is formidable. The know-how in terms of action and swimming is truly unique. You can fish with Yum, and Lunker City or even Bass Assassin all over the planet.

The Europeans are not to be outdone. Svartzonker and Delalande with its soft lure kits are perfectly adapted to the fish in our waters. From perch and catfish to sea bass and pike, tough, technical lures are available for all predator anglers. You can also turn to a soft bait a savage gear weapon for stalking predators, particularly the savage gear 4D Rattle or the savage gear rattle trout.

Shad or Swimbait lures

The profile of these lures has a tail in opposition to the water called the paddle. This produces a more or less pronounced left and right tail swing effect. The displacement of the water this produces causes vibrations that attract predators.

Similarly, depending on its shape, the paddle will produce more or less rolling. It is the combination of these different swimming actions that will define the shad lure for predator fishing. These include the Black Minnow off shore, a soft bait fiiish or the One Up Shad, soft bait Sawamura

When it comes to animation, you have several options. You can simply bring it back in a linear fashion by trying to move it to different depths. You'll try to get closer to the bottom or to the structures to find the fish that are close by or buried inside.

You can also animate it with long upward strokes and let the whole thing fall back towards the bottom. You'll need to keep your line taut during the descent phase. It's almost always at this point that the strike is made. Finally, you can also take advantage of the flexibility of some rubber to use it for vertical practice.

Trout and Black Bass on insect and creature lures 

The variety of models proposed in this grouping is very wide. Strictly speaking, there is no defined shape or concept. Fishing with a insect and creature decoy the insects are imitations of beetles, grasshoppers, large flies and dragonflies.

Anything you come across at the water's edge can be a source of inspiration. The same goes for the creatures. Black Bass are generally opportunistic fish, able to feed on a wide variety of prey, often far from what you might expect.

The vast majority of the insects we offer will tend to come to life on the surface. In fact, the principle is to imagine a fall into the water and the insect's inability to get back into the air. You then try to reproduce these vibrations and let your line move or not with the current or the wind. A jig head floating docks will be essential.

The creatures can be brought to life in a variety of ways. Texan or wacky, there are no real limits to your imagination. Salamanders, leeches, tetrapods... the key is to be as natural as possible and trigger the interest of the fish you're after. The Dong Path, soft bait Megabass is one of them.

The frog, the essential lure 

If there's one lure you don't want to be without, it's this frog imitation. You'll mainly be targeting black bass and pike, but the fun of the action and the attacks are well worth limiting yourself to these species from time to time.

There are two main types of frog. The moulded and solid ones, which have legs that end in a paddle or grubs.

They are designed for linear fishing. The second model has a hollow body and a double hook that perfectly matches the shape of the body. It is ideal for surface fishing, often in dense vegetation.

The first model is animated a little like a shad when it is weighté. You can also bring it to the surface on a Texas hook and enjoy the buzzing action at the surface. The hollow version, on the other hand, will only come to life on a linear retrieve at the surface. Don't hesitate to take breaks, sometimes long ones, to get as many hits as possible.

Long or longish, the shape of worm and worm-like lures

This is often the staple diet of predators. The worm lures are essential for fishing for perch and black bass, as well as zander and catfish. We've all fished one day with these baits, which we used to fetch from a clod of earth.

Long and thin, they all look more or less the same. However, brands have elevated their design to an above-average grade, proof of their interest in fishing.

The types of assembly and animation will be extremely varied. A Worm can be mounted in dozens of different ways. And it will always be a formidable performer. It will be capable of adapting to both slow and fast fishing.

Swim close to the surface or on the bottom. Wacky, Texan, jig head, stand up .... He can do it all. We could mention the Pivot, soft bait megabass.

The other types of soft lures 

As we said at the beginning, brands have seized on the concept of the soft bait and have developed almost infinite variations. As a result, we're going to find models that don't fall into the broad categories detailed above. These include Shad palette that are really effective and easy to handle. All anglers are likely to catch fish quickly with this lure.

There are also crayfish lures which are an important food base for certain species. Their different shapes and animation solutions make them the lure of choice for black bass and perch.

Finally, minnows, or finesse, are models not to be overlooked. At ease in the sea as well as in freshwater, their small vibrations are sometimes one of the solutions to make difficult or regularly fished fish react. These include the Megabass X Layer, a benchmark for sea bass tracking.

Finally, you'll be able to choose from a range of soft lure kits in different shapes and sizes to help you discover new things. This will give you the opportunity to try out different techniques and make up your own mind.

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