Shad lure

The shad lure belongs to the soft bait category. It stands out for its perfect imitation of real fish, with a wide caudal fin that makes little vibrations and movements that quickly attract big fish. The Shad lure owes its great success to its realism. Discover our wide selection of shad lures, specifically selected for their high quality.


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High quality shad lures

The shad lure is one of the most popular soft lures. It's a classic! It's best known for carnivorous fishing, but it's a versatile lure that adapts to all conditions, whether you're casting or casting vertically.

We offer a wide range of shad lures. All our shad lures come in a range of reactive UV colours. You're spoilt for choice in terms of shapes, colours and sizes. For predator fishing, opt for a large shad lure, such as the 28cm super slick shad. Medium-sized shad lures (between 7 and 15 cm) attract black bass, perch and pike-perch.

Smaller lures, between 1 and 3 inches (2.5 to 7 cm), are perfect for the summer season, when fish prefer small, easy prey.

A wide choice of soft lures on Leurre de la Pêche

Ultra-realistic soft lures are very popular, especially as they come in different models and sizes. They offer a host of possibilities, whatever your favourite fishing technique or the environment you're used to fishing in.

Discover our wide choice of soft lures, all from top brands: 13 Fishing Savage Gear , Berkley Powerbait, X Zone Pro... In our categories you will find soft jerkbait & Slug lures, crayfish lures, comma and grub lures, Octopus lures, worm lures, insect lures, Bigbait lures, frog lures, etc.

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