Sea jigs, essential saltwater lures

For many years, jig sea fishing has offered an easy alternative to lure fishing. Simple to use, it's easy for all anglers to get to grips with and quickly catch their first fish.

Jigging requires special equipment. You'll need a suitable reel and a choice of a Casting rod or spinning model. A range of sea jigs in different colours and accessories will complete your arsenal. Finally, the line and its diameter will be of particular importance, as it will have a direct impact on the speed of the descent and on your drifts.

This modern sea-fishing technique is generally practised from a boat. It can target a wide range of fish species. It's important to choose the right hook for the species you're after. Sometimes lures of the same size or weight will be used, for example for bass or dentex.

This fishing technique is therefore a combination of parameters, and the jigging lure will have to be chosen in terms of its shape, its swimming action and its colour. Once you've mastered the specific animation technique, you'll be able to tackle new spots as effectively as possible from the surface to the bottom.

The different brands of sea jig

Many brands of sea jig now specialise in this technique. They try to keep up with the times and offer you something new. The diversity of shapes and weights on offer is quite simply impressive.

The Japanese Daiwa, the Williamson brand or the French Flashmer are designer-manufacturers offering a vast range. They will be joined by the biggest generalists to offer sea jigs that are both inexpensive and tried and tested. These include Maria and Hart in Spain or Westin and Spro for northern Europe. Jig fishing is really everywhere, and all the manufacturers have something to contribute to the expertise of this technique, both for lures and reels rod and reels.

Alongside this, there are some real specialists in the technique, and these are mainly in Japan. The sea jig technique is so widespread on this island, and has been for so long, that all the brands have made it an area of expertise. Dozens of brands are involved. In our online catalogue, you'll find offers from big names like Evergreen, Smith and even Megabass as well as smaller designers such as Blue Blue and even Xorus.

What really stands out is the material used, the mix of colours and the shapes. These true artists of the sea jig never stop developing new products with an ever more technical profile. This is the emergence of new techniques that we see flourishing in fishing magazines. Madai, inchiku and, more recently, slow jigging are all part of the modern angler's way of life.

Sea jigging, an effective lure for a wide range of fish

You'll find so many different shapes and colours that it's hard to choose. However, sea jigs can be adapted to several species of fish or fishing, but not others. They all have that little something extra that makes them ideal for a particular predator.

Above 60g, they will be used for more conventional boat fishing techniques. Use them to target fish living several metres or even several dozen metres below the surface. They will help you find rock heads, trenches and wrecks. Sea bass, barracuda, bream, tuna, triggerfish... the list is long and goes on and on.

Certain animation techniques can also be used to target very specific species. Slow-jigging in the Mediterranean, which involves using a metal lure with a gliding action, will work wonders. It's not uncommon to catch pageots, pikeperch and dentex with almost disconcerting ease.

Madai and Inchiku, which require a specific choice of tackle, are techniques designed for sparids. Thehooks they are usually equipped with are very effective when hooking, even on small fish. They target fish such as bream, sea bream and pike-perch.

So if you're looking to catch marine predators, there's sure to be a sea jig in our collection to help you hook the fish of your dreams.

How to choose a sea jig?

There are several aspects to consider when choosing your sea jig. Depth, material, technique and water clarity will all influence your choice, as will other more technical factors.

Weight and size are essential. They will enable you to reach the depth you want, at the most appropriate speed.

The profile will ensure a gliding effect or, on the contrary, a rapid descent. It will be a decisive factor in targeting certain species or tackling very specific spots.

Colours can also play a decisive role. Pink, blue, green or even glow-in-the-dark can all be the key to a successful fishing trip.

Finally, rigging can offer solutions for fishing in congested areas with the least possible risk of snagging. Certain single hooks and their inclination will rip on rock heads or wrecks while penetrating easily into the mouth of the predator.

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