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There are a multitude of fishing lures. They are all divided into categories according to their size, vibration, swimming depth, materials used, softness or hardness, morphology and even the species they are supposed to target.

However, sometimes at the water's edge fish react to a particular type of lure, vibration or colour and you don't have the perfect combination to hand. Either because the product doesn't exist, or because you don't have it with you, there are accessories available to adapt your lures to the precise conditions you face.


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Rig VMC Spike Pin

Rig VMC Spike Pin

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The lure's physical appearance

Even if inner beauty is very important, looks count for a lot, even when fishing! We choose our lures according to their colour or shape. When fishing, the smallest detail counts when fishing is complicated and we don't always have the right colour to hand.

To make up for this shortcoming, there are felt-tip pens specially designed for fishing to reproduce a fire tiger colour, or a red spot judiciously placed under the head of a shad. It is also possible to replace the eyes of our soft lures when after a few fish you find your lure blind.

The screw-on paddle is located between the visual accessory and the vibrating accessory. Its action produces a metallic sound that is much appreciated by predators, as well as flashes of light reminiscent of a school of forage. Paddles can also be found under Texas hooks or weightheads.

The sound

Let's talk about inner beauty! As with humans, a lure can be beautiful but ineffective if not used at the right time or in the right place. That's why there are silent lures, metallic lures and lures with high-pitched or low-pitched beads to satisfy all the whims of our beloved predators.

If you only have soft lures to hand and it would be wise to add a few balls to your lure, you'll find rattles. These are small glass cages that are pushed into the lure and filled with a few balls of varying sizes. The smaller the balls, the higher the sound. This way you can accessorise your lure according to the conditions observed and the species you're after.

Taste and smell

Many brands offer attractants. Whether garlic, aniseed, shellfish, squid, coffee or pheromone, they are of great interest to fussy fish. They can be found in liquid form, in paste form and even in Spike It dyes, which colour your lure by scenting it.

Often already present in soft lure pouches, some attractants fade over time or when mixed with others. That's why brands such as Sawamurahave come out with their own Trump attractant for One Up and other lures you want to customise.

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