Buzzbaits are a cross between a spinnerbait and a propbait. These are noisy surface lures designed to make predators in the vicinity react. Thanks to their metal propeller(s), they stir up the surface of the water so as to be visible and heard by predators.


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Lure Booyah Buzz 10g
Lure Booyah Buzz 10g

Lure Booyah Buzz 10g

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What makes them special..

The buzzbait is made up of one or more propellers attached to a metal arm. It is similar to a spinnerbait thanks to its metal frame and silicone skirt. This is a very noisy surface lure designed to provoke aggressive reactions from predators. Its propeller starts spinning as soon as it hits the water to provide maximum vibration.

Suitable for pike, black bass and catfish. Unlike the propbait, only the skirt of the buzzbait is completely submerged. This makes it look like a superb imitation of an amphibian or small fish swimming frantically beneath the surface. In this way, it perfectly imitates prey being hunted by a predator.

How do you use them?

Like its cousin the propbait, this lure is ideal for fishing waters overgrown with dead wood and weedbeds. The strong vibrations in the water mean that predators can spot it from a long way off and won't hesitate to attack.

The buzzbait is effective on all types of predator, whether you're using a drag cast, a long pull or a pause.

For added attraction, some models like the Toad Buzz from the brand Strike King add a trailer to their buzzbait. This adds extra vibration and a greater presence in the water.

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