Spinnerbaits, the ultimate anti-weed lures

The Spinnerbait is a lure that comes directly from the United States. A must-have on the other side of the Atlantic, it stands out for its ease of passage through weed beds. In fact, its shape and the orientation of the hook allow it to pass through obstacles without difficulty or snagging.

This type of lure is made up of several components. There may be variations, but essentially you'll find a skirt to emit vibrations, a frame of varying thickness, a jig and paddles. It's this combination that will provide the action for stalking predators such as pike or black bass. A trailer can be added for added attraction.

A spinner is chosen according to several criteria. If you're fishing deep water, or with a longer or shorter animation, you won't use the same models. The species you are looking for will also be a factor, as will the retrieve speed.

You'll find many manufacturers who have been won over by this not-so-new movement. Some major brands stand out for their originality in terms of both their profiles and the vibrations they emit. It's almost become a science in its own right.

All you have to do is let yourself be guided and you'll be ready, rod all you have to do is let yourself be guided and you'll be ready to make your first cast and master your first spinnerbait descent.

What makes this lure so special?

The spinnerbait is part of the wire bait family. It is a lure that has been specifically designed for searching for black bass in crowded environments. It comes to us from the United States and is made up of several essential components.

The paddles will be one of the most important aspects in the action of your model. You'll find several shapes and colours. They tend to allow you to slow down or speed up your descent or recovery.

The round Colorado profiles will have more resistance on the retrieve, while the willow series will be more fluid. The former will be ideal for slow fishing while the latter will fish faster.

The second point not to be overlooked is the hook. The shape of the hook and any joints at its base will give it different uses. It can be used to get through obstacles more or less easily, or to rig a trailer of varying length.

The frame will need to be monitored for various aspects. You'll need to choose thick piano wire for models designed for pike. For black bass or perch, you'll need to opt for a thinner pattern, as the spinner needs to deform a little as it moves forward.

The final point is the skirt that dresses the jig. It comes in a range of colours and sizes to provide the right amount of vibration. They are generally fitted with an elastic system so that they can be exchanged or replaced when worn.

There are other aspects to consider when making your choice. The colour of the spoons, whether the eyelet is closed or not, and the presence of a chance hook can all add a little something extra.

Questions to ask yourself to make the right choice!

  • What species of fish should I be looking for? Perch and black bass can be targeted with identical models. On the other hand, you'll need to opt for areas for trout, whereas you'll need to choose much stronger sets for even bigger predators such as pike.
  • What depth should I use it at? The weight of the weight will have a direct impact. Logically, the heavier it is, the faster it will sink to the bottom. For fishing close to the surface, you'll need to choose lighter models and adapt your rod.
  • How fast will I fish? This is where the appearance of the spoons has an impact. You may need to fish slowly for winter fishing, for example, when the fish are slow. You may also want faster models to easily cover ground and catch only active fish.

These three questions should give you plenty of models of different shapes and colours to choose from. Once you've answered these questions, you'll need to be out on the water to see if you've made the right choice and to check it against the current weather conditions.

The major brands of spinnerbaits

If we remain objective, today all brands know how to make spinnerbaits. They will be of varying degrees of quality. They will have made an effort to research or copy, but everyone is capable of making them. Despite this, some major brands stand out for their expertise and the effectiveness of their products.

American brands are certainly the most capable of offering serious series. Big names like Booyah and the Strike King spinnerbait series have made this a trademark. Their decades of use of this type of lure have given them a real head start in terms of production and design.

The Japanese are not to be outdone, with prestigious brands that have also proved their worth. The spinnerbaits from Deps, megabass, OSP or evergreen are very clean and often developed with real innovative concepts to give you a real edge in your fishing. They're often a little more expensive, but they're hugely effective.

Despite the fact that this type of lure is lagging behind in Europe, there are still a few models designed by well-known brands. Illex for example, Delalande, Svartzonker and Westin offer series that are well suited to our species of carnivorous fish.

As you can see, spinnerbaiting has become an art with many technical details. From buzzing surface fishing to scraping weed beds at depths of several metres, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to perfecting your technique and your collection.

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