Chatterbait, a lure with a different blade

Chatterbaits are one of those lure models that are relatively unknown to anglers. However, they are extremely effective in many ways for fishing for black bass or pike.

They are generally made up of several components. You'll need a skirt for soft vibrations like a soft bait. The paddle provides strong vibrations that can be felt right through to the retrieve rod for recovery.

You'll also need a jig hook for the weighthead. Finally, you'll need to add a trailer on a regular basis to increase your chances of catching even in congested areas. You will then have a chatterbait in your hands.

Its animation is different from that of a spinnerbait or buzzbait. You can use it on a pull or let the lure produce its effect on the descent. We could mention a crusher from Illex or a model from Fox Rage.

They can be used all year round, whether you'reopening for the first time or during the harshest winters. You'll need to choose a line that matches the vibrations produced so as not to suffer when the blade starts to vibrate.

Why use this lure?

This type of lure has been developed to create strong vibrations in the water. It is the blade, which is in opposition to the water, that will naturally emit these vibrations.

It is generally used in congested areas. This thin metal blade acts as a deflector when you come up against an obstacle. The lure will then be diverted to avoid snagging.

You can also use it on open water. You'll benefit from the vibration phenomenon. It tends to be relatively effective on many species of predator.

You'll be able to target several without too much difficulty. Even if black bass is the first species of choice, you'll have genuine success on many other species. Perch, pike-perch, pike and catfish can all be easily caught.

You'll generally use it for fast prospection. In the same way as a spinnerbait, you'll find it easy to beat the ground quickly. You'll be able to spot where the fish are holding and where they're active.

Then all you have to do is opt for a more discreet lure and make a second pass. That's when things can happen quickly, and the hooking will be recorded.

Making the right choice from the range of models on offer

In chatterbaits, all the components are important. Of course, to different degrees, but each element must be present to create a homogeneous whole.

The skirt must offer a nice bite. It should be full enough to hide what needs to be hidden, but not so full that the trailer shows through. Different colours can be chosen depending on the position, the colour of the water or the mood of the fish.

The jig, or weightee, will naturally allow you to cast more or less far. But above all, it will be there to provide a good sink rate and the desired swimming depth.

This head can have different profiles. More or less round, more or less flat, it will have an impact on the lure's swimming action, both on the way down and during handling.

The trailer is also important. Sometimes it comes with your purchase, sometimes you have to add it. Don't hesitate to pick and choose from the ranks of crayfish or creatures to find an ideal presentation.

The hook should generally be strong enough. Bear in mind that you are very likely to come across a fish hidden in the vegetation of dead wood. Extracting them with authority at the touch requires a solid shank that has great resistance to opening.

The vibrating part is probably the most unusual part of the lure, and the one that makes it so interesting. The shapes offered can vary slightly depending on the brand to offer very different vibrations.

You'll also see some anglers taking the models in their fingers to change the curve. This can change the action in very subtle ways. But it can be very effective.

The most famous chatterbait patterns

Despite the relative popularity of this lure, a number of brands have set themselves apart from their competitors by offering top-quality models that have already made their mark on the minds of many predator anglers.

A B Custom Chatter from Deps, for example, is a new experience. This well-balanced model guarantees regular catches all year round and a long life.

Illex en France has not been left behind with its famous Crusher. Available in a range of weights, it fills the tackle boxes of many a lure enthusiast.

Still in France, we could mention the brand Sakura. With its Cajun chatterbait series, it has succeeded in offering a range of 3 affordable weights, making the technique accessible to all anglers.

Fox Rage the brand's predecessors have followed suit with an equally inexpensive range with the impeccable finish we've come to expect from them. Here too, there are a wide range of weights to cover all depths.

Of course, you can choose from all the American brands. Originating in these parts, brands such as Booyah and Strike King can only offer you quality products, given the competition on the American market.

All that's left to do is to choose a rod and a line to match the vibrations. Choose a trailer that you like and that has already proved itself on other techniques. And you'll be ready to tackle rivers and lakes.

All you have to do then is launch, enjoy the descent if there aren't too many obstacles and take advantage of the first pull, to realise that you have something really different at the end of your equipment.

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