Squid Jig, sea fishing for squid & cuttlefish

Squid jigs are a type of lure usually used to catch cephalopods such as squid or cuttlefish. Jigs are usually fluorescent or luminous and imitate the shape of small fish or prawns. They come in different sizes, weights, colours and sink rates.


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Jigs in all sizes

Like many lures used for predator fishing in both sea and freshwater, jigs come in a range of sizes to suit the species you're after. The squid jig Egi Master Berkley comes in 3 sizes: 9cm, 12.5cm and 14cm.

Some are shaped like small prawns, some have a double basket of hooks and are calibrated for fishing close to the bottom.

Large jigs weighing up to 20g are ideal for stalking large cephalopods such as cuttlefish or squid. Depending on the depth of the spot you're fishing, you can also choose your squid jig model using speed indicators to find out how fast your lure is hitting the bottom. This information is very useful at night when you can't see your lure on the surface. Just count to find out the depth of your squid jig.

Increasingly sophisticated jig colours

Jigs are very colourful lures. Among the best-known, the jigs of the Yamashita brand jigs are available in a wide range of colours, from natural to flashy. These are versatile lures that you can use by day or night.

Some models feature a pair of phosphorescent 3D eyes to make them visible to cuttlefish, squid and other cephalopods. These will be real allies for night fishing at sea.

UV colours are very popular with cephalopod anglers for the same reasons as phosphorescent 3D eyes. These colours make it easier to accurately attack predators in dirty water or when fishing at night.

You'll also find models with rattles to optimise the attractiveness of your bait.

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