Surfcasting fishing equipment

Surfcasting involves propelling bait over varying distances. This fishing technique is used from the shore or from a breakwater. The aim is to take advantage of areas where fish are holding or passing through.

To choose your surfcasting equipment, you'll need to analyse your future seaside fishing location and the conditions you'll generally encounter. You won't fish the same way from a beach as you would from a stretch of riprap or sea wall.

Knowing this information will enable you to benefit easily from the advice of people who specialise in sea fishing.

You'll need to choose a rod suited to your needs. The length of the rod will be important for casting distances. Power will help you cast heavier or lighter sinkers to keep up with the current. The quality of the carbon will be essential if you want to hold your biggest catches for long minutes.

You also need to ask yourself a few questions before choosing a reel. It will depend directly on the diameters and length of line you wish to use. You'll need to choose the size of the spool, taking these factors into account.

Finally, you'll need to make your own rigs. These will be made up ofhooks that you choose according to the species you are looking for. Coloured pearls, fluorocarbon or swivels will complete your leader.

Once you've mastered these aspects, you'll be ready to become a real surf casting angler, and face the wind of long fishing sessions in search of wolffish.

Criteria for choosing the right equipment

To make the right choice from the outset, it's important to consider a number of points. Surfcasting, like any other technique, requires a bit of knowledge to get it right. Taking the time to understand is one of the keys to success.

Your fishing spot will probably be the most important aspect to take into account. Depending on where you're fishing, you won't need the same casting ability or resistance to the current. Fishing from beaches at a great distance or from a dyke some twenty metres away will not require the same elements.

The predator you're after will also be a factor in your choice of tackle. You don't fish the same way for a wolfish on our coast as for an exotic fish on the beach in Gabon or the Bijagos.

Your diligence will also be an essential factor. If you're an enthusiast who spends many days a month at the water's edge, you shouldn't be afraid to invest. Don't forget that the sea air is salty and often a source of premature wear and tear.

On the other hand, if you're an infrequent angler, you can opt to equip yourself at a lower cost. You'll just have to be methodical about rinsing.

The different characteristics of a surfcasting rod

Surf casting is practised just about everywhere by the sea. This versatility of use has forced manufacturers to develop a wide range of surfcasting rods to best suit anglers' needs and conditions.

Length will be a determining factor. The further you want to cast, the longer you'll need to be. Sizes over 3m90 should be reserved for fishing from a jetty or sea wall.

For beach fishing, where the aim is to achieve casts of over 100m, you'll want a length of 4.30 to 4.50m. For all-round use, aim for a length of 4m20.

Weight can also make a difference. Even though it has been drastically reduced in recent years with carbon, it can still be a problem. The lighter your equipment, the easier and more comfortable it will be to cast.

Power will be your guide to the weight you can cast. Choose models that can go up to over 250g for very strong currents, while you can easily go under 150g for fishing in the opposite conditions.

You'll also want to keep an eye on the action. Our catalogues still include parabolic and semi-parabolic models. To improve casting distance in windy conditions, it's best to whip your rig with a semi parabolic. To cope with very large predators, the parabolic model is justified.

What makes a good surfcasting reel?

A surfcasting reel is very similar to a carp fishing reel. There are a number of things to bear in mind when making your choice.

Once again, weight will be an essential aspect of your choice. It's essential to choose a lightweight model. This will make it much easier to handle your set. You'll be more at ease making long-distance throws and fighting for long minutes.

A second aspect is the build quality and fluidity of the mechanics. The aggressive nature of seawater and the salty environment in general will have to be contained by your mechanics. You'll need to pay attention to the watertightness of the frames and ball bearings, which are increasingly being offered by manufacturers.

Finally, the coil is a point to keep a close eye on. In fact, it is the reel that will give you a number of very important characteristics for your success. First of all, its elongated shape is a sign of fast thread exit. In fact, the maximum amount of body is quickly available for casting, without the turns being one on top of the other.

This ensures long casting distances. Spool diameters will also be responsible for retrieve speed. Its speed will enable you to maintain contact with a size that is coming back towards you or to retrieve a rig quickly.

The different rigs

Once you've got your fishing combo, you'll need to think about your surfcasting rigs: your hooks, line and sinkers to make one of the v's that can exist. To do this, you'll either have to buy ready-made leaders or make them yourself.

The hooks will generally be simple ones. You can vary their shape depending on the species you are looking for and the bait you want to hook. They can be used singly or in combination.

The weight and shape of the sinker are also important factors. It can be adapted to certain substrates and not to others. Grapple models are available for sand fishing.

Small accessories, which are often plentiful for your creations. You'll need coloured beads for your knots. You should also need special swivels, as well as sheathing to prevent tangles.

Once you have all these elements, you can carry out your first tests. They may vary considerably from one species to another, from one station to another or simply depending on the current or the bait used.

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