The brand Rapala is quite simply the world's best-known fishing lure company. It was they who developed the world-famous Rapala X Rap Countdown and Rapala Jointed swimbaits. They quickly became popular with anglers from all walks of life and are now a must-have. Today, some users call Rapala all hard bait, even those that are not from this brand.

The range of lures has grown enormously, offering a huge choice. Some models are simply legends, such as the Rapala Original Floater 7cm or the Rapala jointed Shad Rap. They have helped to make the brand popular thanks to their formidable effectiveness in the various bodies of water where they have been tested.

In order to become more country-specific, specific models have been designed for certain species. The Rapala Ultra Light Pop is designed for perch, while the Rapala X-Rap Peto is designed to attract pretty Swedish or French pike. Other series of lures are also available for the sea, such as the Rapala X Rap Twitchin or the Rapala X Rap Magnum.

The brand hasn't stopped there. It has managed to develop a series of beautifully finished lures and accessories for anglers of all horizons. You'll find broken ring pliers for your Shadow Rap, sinkers, all kinds of pliers and also very popular float tubes.

The different lure ranges Rapala

Rapala fishing lures are classified according to series. You'll find the Originals with the oldest series, the X-Rap series or the Maxrap or Shadow Rap series among many others.

With their hand-trimmed balsa construction, the hard bait in the Originals family are old-fashioned models. They have proven their effectiveness over the years on predators all over the world. The Rapala Jointed Shad Rap, for example, will be a jointed version, while the Rapala Deep Tail Dancer will be a diving version.

The X-Rap models came out a few years ago and revolutionised the brand's older models. The Rapala X Rap Peto and Rapala X Rap Saltwater, to name but a few, have enabled the brand to expand a little further internationally and compete with the big Japanese brands with their impeccable finishes.

That's how we came to see the Rapala X Rap pop for surface fishing and the Rapala X Rap countdown, which quickly became a must-have for trout fishing. Other models were designed specifically for sea fishing, such as the Rapala X Saltwater and the X Rap long cast shallow.

Last year, the fishing world turned to downsizing. This means we can offer small lures to catch all sizes of fish. The Rapala ultra light minnow and Rapala ultra light crank have also been launched.

The last major series in the Rapala range is the Maxrap, designed for saltwater fishing. Most of the models have a mass transfer system for good casting distances.

The different lures from Rapala by type of fish

Another way of classifying lures is by type or family. Some Rapala swimbaits are designed for marine species while others target freshwater fish.

Specific models will be used to track bass or wolffish. You can use Rapala Deep Tail dancer for trolling or a Rapala x Rap magnum. Their lip will have been designed to descend to specific depths.

For perch we can count on small lures with the ideal profile. Poppers with the Rapala Ultra Light Pop and crankbaits with the Rapala Ultra Light Crank. These lures are easy to gobble and are fitted with hooks of the right size for these predators.

Black bass also has its fair share of specific models. Rapala has developed a number of playful series for surface fishing. The Rapala X Rap pop will be particularly appreciated thanks to its concave mouth that pounces without the slightest effort.

Pike will not be outdone. You'll find old tried-and-tested models like the Rapala jointed. But new series have been developed specifically for this fish. The X Rap Peto in particular was the first in a very popular series exclusive to this species. There are also hybrid lures and a series of spoons Rapala.

For sea fishing in general, there are a number of models for both spinning and other techniques. While the Rpala X Rap cast Shallow will excel in distance casting to reach the fish hunts, the Rapala X Rap Twitchin will sublimate in dynamic animations near the holding area of the fish sought.

Rapalax Rap Twitchin is also a series of Float Tubes

To diversify its range, Rapala has developed a whole series of accessories. These include pliers, waders, clothing, glasses and other accessories for fishing and anglers. One of the latest developments is a highly successful range of float tubes.

The Rapala float tube range has been developed around 4 different models. They have been designed to match the budget you want to put into your purchase. Anglers with less time to devote to their passion will be able to make do with the simple models, while the most demanding will be able to opt for the top-of-the-range model.

All models come with a pump, repair kit and carrying straps to make it easier to move from one station to another. The finish is impeccable and the comfort is top-notch. All that's left to do is don a lifejacket and learn how to use fins, and you're ready for your first outing.

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