Hard baits

Fishing with hard bait lures is very popular in many ways and clearly offers the widest choice on the market.

Available in different shapes and sizes, these lures offer a huge variety of animation: sinking fish, floating fish with or without beads, with or without bib, thanks to them no species of carnivorous fish will escape your stalking in sea or freshwater.

With a highly realistic design and a perfect finish, the hard bait is one of the lures that most closely resembles a real fish. The lure's technical features mean it can swim perfectly even at high speed, but above all it can be worked in a wide range of animations to adapt to the feeding habits of the fish you're after.

Swimbaits are the perfect lures for the "cast and reel" technique. Thanks to a frame often made of steel and reinforced hooks, they will resist the attacks of the most powerful predators. They can be used in both sea and freshwater, and can be used for a wide range of fishing techniques, including crankbaits, lipless crankbaits, lipless minnows, jerk minnows and poppers.


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The popper is a hard lure that has no lip, allowing it to remain on the surface of the water throughout its action.

Its bevelled or curved face, depending on the model, will emit a spray of water when the lure is pulled, resulting in a noise often similar to a "pop" (hence the name).

The pop is created by air bubbles trapped underwater due to the particular face of the Popper, once released these bubbles burst.

It's a great choice for stalking aggressive predators or predators that are ready for a meal.


This is a lure that can be floating or sinking thanks to a bib. A stickbait will spend most of its time on the surface and will only dive a few times to very shallow depths.

Although a beginner can use a stickbait, it's important to remember that this is certainly the type of fishing where the angler has the most experience hard bait where the angler has the most influence on the swim.

Models that don't have bibs will need to be animated in a certain way to obtain the vibrations that will let you get the most out of the lure's performance.

You'll also need to manage the retrieve speed and the amplitude of the movements of your rod. If you don't master these different elements, it will be difficult to take full advantage of the performance of this type of lure.


A Propbait is a hard lure fitted with propellers. This addition enables it to establish visual signals and vibrations that predators love and perceive at great distances.

The lure can be sinking or floating depending on the model, and the animation can be linear or jerky. By pausing regularly between actions, you will maximise your chances of triggering an attack. Pike stalking in hot weather will be its preferred domain.


A jerkbait has an elongated body in the shape of a real fish, and is sometimes fitted with a bib to make it move at greater depths.

This type of lure can also be found in the soft lure family, but care must be taken to ensure that it is a hard lure and not the other way round.

There are several types of jerkbait: sinking, suspending or floating, each more or less adapted to your needs and the conditions you'll be facing.

It's the perfect solution for prospecting large areas. You can animate it in different ways: stop & go, jerk or twitch.

Lipless Minnow

This is a hard sinking lure with no lip. The lipless minnow will vibrate on the retrieve to draw all the attention to itself.

A good choice if you want to cast long distances and fish in open water.


This stocky hard lure has a head that is often bigger than its body. When fitted with a bib it becomes a monster of speed and will oscillate at full speed to drive all nearby predators mad.

The particularity of the crankbait is that it moves a large volume of water, sometimes making noise, so it's versatile for all kinds of fishing. Depending on the brand, it can operate at depths of up to 10 metres.


These lures, also known as bigbaits, swimbaits or articulated lures, are highly realistic representations of real fish.

When retrieved, they naturally take on an S shape. This allows them to change direction very quickly, making them all the more irresistible to predators.


These insect hard bait are very special and will meet very specific needs. You'll find all sorts of insects and other creatures, such as frogs, ducks, rats and so on.

Predators sometimes have a sudden urge to change their diet and vary their pleasures, but this time their greed could be harmful to them.

Other swimming fish

In the category of other hard bait, you'll have the opportunity to equip yourself with unique lures that often feature hybrid bodies that, like insect lures, respond to specific needs.

Like the Westin Freddy The Frog Wakebait, which has a frog head and ends up with a jointed tail and insect legs, it will be a hit with black bass and pike.

The Zacrawl Yajirobee Junior Crawler from Adusta is also a fine example, with an extremely distinctive swimming action and a unique body featuring two wings and a slit face strongly reminiscent of poppers.

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