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Swimbaits are a type of hard baits designed to meet the needs of anglers looking for highly imitative, responsive lures .

Our selection includes a wide range of large lures, but there are also an increasing number of smaller models available for trout and perch.

The main technical aspect of these swimbaits is to produce the body of a lure in several sections linked together either by a seatbelt-type strap or hooks.


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Widely available in France over the last few years, the swimming fish has become one of the most common accessories in anglers' tackle boxes. Planning to try your hand at lure fishing with this imitation fish? In our catalogue you'll find a wide selection of swimbaits, bigbaits and articulated lures to catch all kinds of fish.

A full range of swimbaits to choose from

hard bait is an artificial bait designed to imitate baitfish as closely as possible. Once thrown into the water, its purpose is to fool the fish, luring them to the hook. To do this, it has to reproduce the appearance (shape, size, scale colour) and swimming behaviour of a real fish. With this in mind, we only offer lures that meet these criteria.

Our selection is made up of lures that are very similar and highly reactive to swimming. You'll find different lure models to suit your needs and the purpose for which the swimfish is intended. Whether you want to fish for pike, zander or trout, you'll find models to suit your needs in our catalogue.

Top-quality swimming fish

To achieve its purpose and make fishing easier, a swimfish needs to be of very high quality, whether it's a swimbait or a bigbait. That's why we offer you models designed by the best brands on the market: Deps Spro , Illex, Berkley, CWC Strike Pro... Swimbaits made by these brands offer optimum performance in terms of vibration and resistance. What's more, they look very similar to real fish, with colours that are very close to the real thing and a particularly flexible assembly that makes swimming easier.

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