Where can you go deep-sea fishing?

ocean pour la pêche au gros

This fishing technique, which involves trying to catch the biggest fish, is particularly popular with anglers. With the ability to hook and fight like never before, big-game fishing guarantees an unforgettable experience and sometimes a few photos that you'll be happy to show off to your friends to show off your record.

You can't do this exciting activity just anywhere. The fishing conditions have to be right, the fish have to be there and the fishing grounds have to be accessible relatively quickly by boat. If you'd like to find out more about big-game fishing, our article on What is big-game fishing? Should answer all your questions.

We're going to share our knowledge of coarse fishing with you, so you can get some ideas for your future holiday destination.

France and its coasts

plage de la cote française

We're lucky enough to live in a magnificent country bordered by both ocean and sea. Even if the conditions aren't always right, particularly in the Atlantic, it's still possible to go coarse fishing, or sport fishing, in France.

The main species you'll be interested in is bluefin tuna (our article Where to fish for tuna? How to fish for tuna? may be of interest to you). Depending on the time of year, they can be found in all waters, at varying distances from the shore. The Mediterranean offers easy access, while the Atlantic Ocean will require you to have an offshore licence for the whole of the early season.

With a good guide, you'll have the chance to fight with these fish, and even record catches, particularly in the Breton and Mediterranean sectors, whether you're using lures or trolling.

Reunion Island

plage de l'ile de la réunion

French is the only language spoken here, so it's already easier for anglers who aren't used to speaking English. What's more, it's a real change of scenery and there are direct flights from several French airports.

Saint Gilles, for example, is a destination of choice, well known to many anglers who have already been there. But the whole of Reunion Island is a great resource, so you can be sure of catching fish.

In fact, there are many different species to choose from. You can hope to catch sailfish, marlin, dolphinfish or the famous wahoo and shark.Our article onwhich fish are best for big game fishing will help you find out more.

Mauritius, holidays and fishing

plage de l'ile maurice

The best thing about Mauritius is really its climate. Situated fairly low down from the equator, the island enjoys a temperate climate that ensures comfort even during the hot season.

You'll find a particularly wide variety of fish species. Black marlin and blue mar lin are present almost all year round, as are striped marlin. Swordfish, dolphinfish and snapper can also be found here.

The Caribbean

plage des caraïbes

It's a paradise where you don't know whether you've come for the fishing or just as a tourist. The multitude of islands and the relatively unspoilt seabed compared with the rest of the world make this a particularly rich area for fishing, especially coarse fishing.

Here, too, you'll find plenty of record-breaking species. Swordfish, Marlin, Mahi-Mahi or even tuna, you'll have the chance to come across all these species, without needing hours of sailing.

Florida for a single species

plage de la floride

This may not be big-game fishing in the strict sense of the word, but we see it as something approaching it. The search for tarpon is clearly a trip that the vast majority of anglers have already dreamt of.

Searching for these fish on the surface in waters that are often crystal-clear adds to the excitement of the events. What's more, this sport fish is a renowned fighter, who will not hesitate to get out of the water to get rid of the hook. Subjects of up to 2.50m and 150kg have already been caught.

New Caledonia

plage de la nouvelle Calédonie

New Caledonia is a far-flung destination, but here too you'll find a totally new and soothing setting. Here you can fish for species that are not very common around the world, or at least not easily accessible.

These include black marlin, which can reach impressive sizes in the waters of this country. Grouper will also be on hand to give you a good workout during the fight.

There are many other destinations where you can catch big game fish. Always remember to check that you have the right equipment for the species and places you are going to fish.

Don't forget sun cream, technical clothing, good physical condition and a strong line, as you're bound to be under a lot of pressure during the various battles you'll be waging.

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