Catch and measure for fishing

Catching fish is an important part of fishing. Whether it's getting out of the water, putting the fish back in the water or measuring it, all these moments require the right products to keep your chances of taking a good photo and putting the fish back in the water in good conditions.


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Catching is undoubtedly the most enjoyable moment for anglers who practice this activity in competition. In practice, the catch consists of taking the fish out of the water or fromlanding net, measuring it and, above all, immortalising the moment with a nice photo before putting the fish back in the water.

Catching accessories

To catch a fish successfully during a fishing trip, and especially during competitions, you need to make sure you have the right equipment. These include the weighing bag, thelanding net, the landing mat and the measuring ruler.

More technical equipment can also be added, including digital scales such as those from DAM, which can accurately weigh up to 50 kg,water aerators and fish counters.

You can also select other accessories for added convenience, such as thelanding net connector.

Essential fishing accessories

In addition to the usual equipment, fishing also requires the use of some very special accessories, even for those who don't take part in competitions.

These accessories fall into several categories, including: accessories for rod, reels and rigs, line and hooks, fishing clothing, navigation equipment, catching equipment, storage boxes, rod supports, various tools, surf casting accessories, marine electronics, bivouac accessories, fishing bags, waders, glasses, etc.

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