Thigh boots for fishing

Depending on your fishing technique, you'll need a pair of fishing waders. These will keep you out of the water when you're walking or fishing.

These fishing boots feature prominently in our selection of fishing accessories, and come in a variety of waders. You can also find fishing trousers. These different names are explained by the length of the model.

A pair of waders will stop at the top of the thighs, trousers at the waist and fishing waders at the chest. You'll be able to find series with rubber boots, but also others to be fitted with wading shoes.

To make the right choice, you'll need to take into account technical details such as your height and weight. Replacing rain boots, waders come in a range of qualities and finishes.

Some suppliers offer a carry bag, adjustable elasticated straps and knee protectors. The material can also differ, with neoprene fishing waders or waders made from breathable 3- or 4-layer fabric. Economical PVC models are also available for professional fishing applications.

The last important point in your choice is fishing shoes. Depending on how often you use them, you should opt for models with very comfortable boots or shoes that are perfectly suited to your long-term comfort.


These fishing boots were originally developed for use in rivers to keep out of the water. That's what we call wading fishing. So it's only natural that the big trout fishing brands should have pioneered this type of equipment.

You'll find waders from almost every manufacturer. The big names in rubber boots have also developed entire ranges. In France, the big names include Chameau and Aigle.

Carnivorous, catfish and generalist brands are also starting to offer waders with their logo on them. Price is often synonymous with quality. You'll also find associations between outdoor equipment manufacturers and fishing tackle brands.


To choose the right pair of fishing waders, you need to ask yourself a number of questions. The answers you come up with should tell you what to look out for.

In what conditions do I fish most often? If you like to fish for trout in streams during cold spells, you'll naturally turn to warmer neoprene fishing equipment, and vice versa if your season is mainly spent in fine weather.

Am I an active angler or one who waits? Here too, your comfort should come first. Active anglers should opt for models that can be fitted with fishing shoes or fins for float tube anglers.

What budget do I want to spend on this purchase? Price is often a guarantee of quality, but it's not everything. You can opt for an economical model if you only use your neoprene waders occasionally, for example. In that case, it's essential to keep them dry.

What size should I choose? This is probably the most important aspect of your choice. Getting it wrong can be particularly damaging and can make you very uncomfortable at the water's edge. So get a measuring tape and take your measurements.

Suppliers now offer size charts with certain data.

  • Chest, leg or pelvis length for waders
  • Waist size and shoe size for fishing trousers
  • A size for rain boots or wading shoes

By making comparisons, you'll be able to easily find the right size and weight for you. You should also think about the clothes you can wear. It can have an impact and change your size.

Other elements can also help you make your choice, through the fishing accessories that can be found for these products.


To meet ever-increasing demands, manufacturers and brands have come up with ever more ingenious accessories to make life easier for anglers before, during and after fishing.

The carrying bag for waders is probably one of the least inventive, but one of the most practical. It's not often offered, but some people make the most of it. Soft bag, or even waterproof bakkan, you should pay attention to this little point.

The repair kit is almost always included in your purchase, but knee reinforcements are not always enough. It's difficult to find this item once the model is sold out. Even if it's not a problem to repair with other components, there may be real differences in colour or quality. It should therefore be kept in a dry place.

Laces are also important. You should opt for high-quality models. They will be subjected to a life mostly under water, which doesn't always give them great endurance.

Studs for shoes or waders can help you slide less on certain bottom and river profiles. You'll generally find them in sets of 20 and in different materials. Some are more resistant to corrosion than others.

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