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Fishing is an activity that can be enjoyed both on and off the water. When you're on the water, you need the right fishing accessories to ensure safe and comfortable sailing. Whether you're fishing from a float tube, a boat or a kayak, you need a range of accessories to ensure your safety.


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The different types of boat

The float tube is one of the safest ways of sailing. Although not very fast on the water, by sitting up you limit the risk of losing your balance and falling into the water. This type of boat requires a pair of flippers to steer it, although it is possible (on some models) to fit an for fishing large bodies of water or fast-flowing rivers.

On boats, to avoid damaging your hull, anecho sounder is an essential accessory. When you're sailing in rough waters with highly variable bottoms, you can use it to anticipate rock heads and get around them in complete safety.

The accessories you need

In all boats, as soon as you go fishing, it's essential to carry a . It's already compulsory when sailing on some French waters and should be worn as often as necessary.

In a float tube, boat or kayak, afloating anchor is a major asset for drift fishing in windy conditions. It allows you to slow down your drifting while remaining discreet. So you can better survey your fishing zone. There are different sizes of anchor to match the size of your boat. rod supports are essential on all boats to optimise the space on your boat and avoid losing your equipment.

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