Whether it's for style or to protect your eyes, sunglasses have become an essential fishing accessory at the water's edge. The best fishing times are often at sunrise or sunset.

For optimum comfort, glasses can be a good way of optimising your fishing time. What's more, some polarised models reduce reflections on the water and improve underwater visibility. Polarised glasses are therefore an essential accessory for sight fishing for predators and salmonids.


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Sunglasses Salmo

Sunglasses Salmo

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For safety

When you spend time on or near the water, the sun's glare can sometimes prevent you from seeing properly. To help you get the most out of the fishing spot you've chosen, polarised glasses reduce the sun's glare while taking the strain off your eyes. So the first and last hours of fishing will no longer be a torment.

Every angler is different and uses his glasses in different situations. That's why fishing glasses come in different colours to suit everyone's eyesight. Most often, blue or grey lenses are worn at sea, whereas amber or yellow lenses are more common in freshwater.

Polarising glasses are said to have greater polarising power, depending on the colour of the water and the amount of light, if the colour of the lenses is adapted.

As well as providing protection against sunlight, glasses can also provide physical protection against lure back into the face.

For style

These days, fishing glasses are all about style! They come in all shapes: round, square, rectangular or pilot-style. For those who already wear prescription glasses, there are also over-glasses. There's something for everyone, in every colour and for every taste. Some brands also offer models in different sizes to fit all faces.

The colours are not just there to optimise the polarisation of the water, it's also a matter of taste. More and more glasses are available on the market with mirror or gradient effects.

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