Measuring ruler Lucky Craft 130cm

Lucky Craft Measuring ruler Lucky Craft 130cm


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New for 2023: The measuring ruler from Lucky Craft, 130cm long.



The measuring ruler Lucky Craft is a beautiful measuring rod in the colours of the Lucky Craft brand. It can be used to measure fish up to 130cm in length. You can use this measuring rod to measure all species of large predators: pike, pike-perch, bass, pollack, etc. This measuring rod is suitable for both sea and freshwater fishing. The Lucky Craft ruler is made from a plastic material that is easy to clean with water. This scale is easy to store once rolled up. So you can easily stow it away in your bakkan, rucksack or boat boot.

This sunshade proudly bears the Lucky Craft brand colours, ideal for fans of this legendary brand!

Limited edition!


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