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Lucky Craft was created in 1992 in a robot manufacturing plant in Japan. Following a request from Daiwa, this factory initially manufactured hard bait for them, sold under the Daiwa brand. The partnership worked very well until Japanese economic problems caused Lucky Craft to split from Daiwa and set up their own line of lures.

The first target was Japan, where the brand made a name for itself. A wide range of colours were created, boosting both sales and anglers' desire to collect. But Lucky Craft wanted to expand internationally, particularly in the United States where the world of fishing was booming.

The early days were particularly difficult because American anglers weren't prepared to spend $15 on a lure they didn't know. It wasn't until Gary Dobyns, in 1999, discovered the action of the Pointer 78 sp during a competition that the brand's success became what it is today.

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The success of a lure fishing session depends largely on the type of bait used and its effectiveness. To maximise your chances of catching predators, you need to choose realistic lures that are suited to the fishing environment. To this end, Lucky Craft brand fishing products are internationally renowned for the excellent performance they guarantee in both freshwater and saltwater.

Lucky Craft japanese know-how at the service of fishermen

Lucky Craft is specialised in the manufacture and sale of hard lures for carnivorous fish (trout, perch, bass, black-bass). The brand is positioned in the top-of-the-range market with products that have an impeccable finish and realism. It uses top-quality plastic to guarantee the lures' longevity and durability. Lucky Craft products are far more effective than traditional baits, which are generally made from wood (balsa). They come in a multitude of models that can be used in difficult fishing conditions, in freshwater, saltwater and even tropical waters.

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Lucky Craft offers an extensive range of products to meet the needs of the most demanding anglers. Its catalogue includes jerk baits, minnows, crank baits, swim baits, lipless minnows and top water. Here are just a few of its flagship products:

  • SKT 120 MAG DR, for fishing at depths of over 7 m
  • SKT 110 MAG MR, for crappie, pike-perch and perch fishing at depths of around 4 m
  • LLPT 200 Super Sinking Pointer
  • Bevy Vibration 50 Heavy Weight, for catching large predators over weed beds
  • Blade Cross Bait (hard vibrating lure)

Many other lure models Lucky Craft can be found in our catalogue.